Sunday, February 21, 2016


As I said last week, one of the things I am aiming to do in 2016 is redo my wardrobe. This is more difficult for me than expected. I love clothes. And I love all sorts of types of clothes. Growing up I have never really had just one style. I like a bit of everything. Last week I tackled historic film wardrobes. This week I am looking to the small screen. Fashion through the ages ala television. Next week we will tackle fantasy film and tv soon after. Here are my favorites. Whose closet would you raid?

The Tudors

When I think of absolutely to die for costumes that are period, I immediately think of the Tudors. They might not be the most accurate when it comes to the time period, but a bit better than one of my latter picks in this list. Of course Natalie Dormer looked amazing in all of the garb and I would happily raid Anne Boleyn or any of the other ladies’ wardrobes in a minute. Seriously look at those fabrics.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Kristin and I almost decided to come up with a Mac and Phryne cosplay for Emerald City Comic Con this year, but our cosplay cards are already a little full. As I said last week I am in love with fashion from the 30’s. The beading, the fabrics, the new lines. It all just screams sexiness and freedom and of course Miss Fisher’s wardrobe has all of this in spades. I want all of it. The hats…oh the hats and the shoes and the coats. Oh and the robes. I might be obsessed. One of the easier wardrobes to steal and wear every day. I would find a way.


Oh my goodness. I want to live in Lucretia’s clothes. Which sounds weird I know. Lucy Lawless looks amazing in all of them. I love the fabrics, the drape of it all, and oh the colors. Jewel tones are by far my favorite. While all of the women in the series look amazing as I said Lucretia’s wardrobe is absolutely stunning. I would cosplay this in a minute.

Agent Carter

I love Peggy. I love Peggy’s wardrobes. Peggy and I are also similar in size so I could just raid the costuming department. I think I love this era because fashion is gorgeous and practical. I think I could easily wear most of her wardrobe tomorrow. Though she doesn’t get gussied up all the time, when she does she looks amazing. I love you Peggy.

Mad Men

The great thing about this show is that it spans some fashion milestones. I also couldn’t choose just one wardrobe to raid. They all have amazing clothes and different styles. Joan, Betty, and Peggy cannot help but be utterly fabulous. Oh my, look at all of the pretties.


Holy corsetry Batman. The great thing about Claire’s wardrobe are the different styles. We have her current wardrobe before she gets whisked back in time and then her frocks from her past. Easily something I could wear for Halloween, though her outfits when at Court are to die for. I look forward to seeing everything she wears this season.


The dresses and outfits on this show can be hit or miss. And they are definitely more inspired by, rather than holding true to any sort of real historic sense. But I am okay with it. I could easily take one of Lola or Mary’s gowns and wear it to the SF Ballet. I like the inspired by thing that they have going on. While I am not caught up on the series, it is still a to die for wardrobe.

Honorable Mentions: Masters of Sex, The Borgias, Call the Midwife, Highlander, and Ascension.

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Heather said...

I still need to watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - it looks amazing! Great list - I've cosplayed Peggy (for Halloween) and would love to be able to dress like Claire from Outlander - she should have some absolutely amazing costumes this season since they are infiltrating the royal court in Paris.