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One of the things I am aiming to do in 2016 is redo my wardrobe. This is more difficult for me than expected. While I would love my closet to be full of just things from ModCloth, sadly I must be a bit more realistic. But it started me thinking about fictional wardrobes I would love to have. I have already done a TV version in a previous post, so now we are going historic. Next week we will tackle historic television and then head into fantasy film and tv soon after. Whose closet would you raid?

Anna Karenina (2012)
There are two Kiera films that I would love to steal the entire closet. One is the Duchess and the other is this lovely film. I chose Anna’s closet because honestly look at these clothes. They are gorgeous. So gorgeous I had to leave them in color. Jacqueline Durran won an Oscar for her interpretation of 1870’s fashion and she completely deserved it. I love the dark tones for Anna when everyone is in pastels. I love the fabrics, the waistlines, and the jewelry. Want. So want.

Great Gatsby (2013)

I love Catherine Martin who works frequently with Baz Luhrman. This is why she occupies the next two spots. The first one is Daisy’s closet from this film. Now I love the fashion of the 20’s and 30’s. Everything is so sexy and sumptuous. I want it all. The reason I chose Jordan over Daisy is because I love the sleek lines. Its sporty but intensely elegant. She just screams Louise Brooks and Phryne Fisher (who is in my tv edition). These are some of my fave outfits from the film, but of course I know there are tons more that need to be in my closet.

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Catherine Martin again with her gorgeous frocks that she dresses Satine in along with Angus Strathie. I love the colors, the feathers, the beading, and the bustles. Who wouldn’t want to be a burlesque queen for a night. Yay Can Can. I mean seriously look at these things. They are divine. Not sure where I would wear all of them, but I would find a way. Oh yes I would.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

I love Sofia Coppola’s film. She gave it a modern flair to all the decadence and I loved every moment of it. I even loved the shoes and its montage. The colors and fabrics are amazing. Again, not exactly an every day wear wardrobe, but I don’t care. Milena Canonero you are divine.

Dangerous Beauty (1998)

This is one of my favorite films. And one for Heart day to watch as well. Gabriella Pescucci has some of the most amazing courtesan costumes ever. They are gorgeous. I want them all. I love the colors, the skirts that tear away, and the utter loveliness of them all. I should so cosplay. Also everyone should try the film.

Gladiator (2000)

I love the old Greek and Roman fashion presented in tv and film. While Spartacus would be up there in the TV version, I loved the costumes for Lucilla in Gladiator. Designed by Janty Yates, the colors are rich and the fabrics flowing. I would wear these every Halloween. I actually have an inspired costume that I made a few years ago.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Colleen Atwood is an amazing costume designer. She has been nominated for the Oscar 11 times and won 3 times. She has done costumes from Memoirs of a Geisha (one of my honorable mentions), Chicago, and Sweeny Todd. However, I love the dresses she makes for all of the ladies in Sleepy Hollow. The colors, the patterns…they are all just so pretty. Yay 1799 inspired fashion.

Honorable Mentions: Dracula, Tristan and Isolde, Memoirs of a Geisha, Queen Margot, and Coco before Chanel.

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Charlotte Roberts said...

Oh there are some fabulous dresses here! What a fun post. I love period dress with all the corsets, ruffles and bustles!