Friday, February 26, 2016


As per usual I came late to the party when it came to Pretty Little Liars. I thought I would give it a try these past couple of weeks and I am hooked. While I am only on the end of Season 2, I might be slightly obsessed. Even the Rogue will watch an episode every now and again with me. Of course I have heard a ton of buzz about it and I love the theme song (though I didn’t realize it was the theme to the show until a couple of weeks ago).

If you don’t know what Pretty Little Liars is about: Loosely based on the popular young adult books series of the same title by Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars is set in the small town of Rosewood. It follows the lives of four girls, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields. When their leader, Alison DiLaurentis, disappears the best friends fall apart. One year later the girls reunite after they begin receiving messages from the mysterious ‘A’ who threatens to expose all of their secrets, secrets they only thought Alison knew. Suddenly, living in their picturesque suburban community is far from perfect as secrets, lies and betrayals threaten everything they hold dear. Even after Alison's body is discovered, the messages don't stop....

I never thought I would be hooked on this show. It always looked like a teen soap opera that I was far too old to watch. But I gave it a go. I have to tell you the show is smarter, funnier, and more thrilling than a lot of television on right now. Plus it has a lot going for it. Not only do I want most of Spencer and Aria’s wardrobe for my own or steal Ezra (Ian Harding I am looking at you good sir) away for a private tutoring session, but the plot itself is actually pretty good. The twists are great, the texts from A even better and I’ll admit I love the whole cannot trust anyone vibe, including your besties.

Plus these girls are amazing. They don’t need saving. They will save themselves and I dig that. The girls refuse to be victims and you have to give them a gold star for that. Sure there is high school politics being played out. You have Mean Girls and over the top high school cheesiness at times, but I love it. When the ladies aren’t trying to keep secrets from their parents (who were all in shows I grew up with: Chad Lowe (who made me bawl like a baby on Life Goes On), Holly Marie Combs (Yay, Piper! You were always my favorite of the Halliwell sisters), and Laura Leighton (Oh Sydney)), they actually have some nice subplots. Such as Emily coming out. I thought it was handled really well and made me cheer and get a little misty eyed as well.

I will say the clothes are amazing and Rosewood seems like a pretty awesome place with its gastro pubs, wicked cool masquerade parties, and fashion shows. Must be nice. Seriously the outfits and shoes in this show are wicked cool. I know I did not have the fashion sense these girls have when I was in high school. Instead I gave off shades of Teen Witch and Saved by the Bell. Oh 90’s me.

I just started Season 3 yesterday (told you I was obsessed) and I am still trying to be spoiler free as possible. I have my suspicions on Ali, on Maya’s killer, and who A is, but I guess I will have to keep watching to find out.

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