Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Seven: Vampire's I'd Let Bite Me

I can’t help it. I dig vampires. And when I say vampires, I do mean fanged ones that don’t sparkle, though Robert Pattison can be very pretty sometimes. So here is my top seven vampires in film and television that I would let bite me.

One: Lestat from Queen of the Damned
I know it is a bad film, but look at him (plus the film is still one of my guilty pleasures). Would you really deny a bite from him? Plus he has those hip things that make smart girls like me go stupid, encased in leather. And to be honest he did okay in playing the rocker Lestat, at least about as much as Tom Cruise played the Brat Prince aspect.

Two and Three: Spike and Angelfrom Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
James Marsters again has those hip things that may my mind go all fuzzy. Plus I love Spike. I loved Spike when he killed the Annoying One, I loved his love for Dru and I love that he is a snarky anti-hero for the ages. I would have no problem letting him bite me at all. Same goes with Angel. I wouldn’t even mind a Spike/Angel sandwich.

Four: Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties
I loved the Books of Blood and while this short lived television show didn’t quite stick with the books, I dug Henry all the same. Plus in the show he was a graphic novelist (rather than romance novelist).

Five: Dracula from Dracula 2000
Its a fairly bad movie, but I still own it. You do have Gerard Butler, Judas theme. Yes please. Plus Nathan Fillion cameo in the film as a priest. Which I would really like to do a Thornbirds with. A lot. Judge me as you will.

Six: Eric Northman from Tru Blood
You just have to look at the picture. Viking vampires at their best.

Seven: David from the Lost Boys
He was kind of a bad ass. Evil vampire gang and all.

Honorable Mentions
Bela Lugosi's Dracula, Alec Newman as Barnabas Collins from the unaired Dark Shadows remake from 2004, Louis from Interview with the Vampire, Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries, Jude Law from the Wisdom of Crocodiles. And Evil vampire Willow from Buffy because its Aly Hannigan. Wouldn't you let her bite you too?

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