Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Corn Mazes


I love corn mazes. Actually I love mazes in general. It’s the trying to find your way out, the confusion and the fun, and then hopefully beating your little brother out so you can hang it over his head. And possibly get a prize while I am at it. Now corn mazes are a product of Halloween and Harvest festivals and kind of ingenuity by farmers let’s face it ($8 per kid or adult to run around like idiots for an hour or two. They have to be making bank).

My sister and I would have so much fun going out to the local maze, it wasn’t scary though corn mazes do bring up films like Children of the Corn, Signs and more. There is something fun to go dressed in black and slink around a corn maze with your friends with only the moon above and your flashlight to light your way. Get all the clues, stickers, etc and a cup of cocoa or candy will be waiting for you at the end. And if you are like my friends and I who are also armed with a camera you re-enact the Blair Witch Project or this year make some Velociraptor heads, put them on sticks and go all Jurassic on the corn maze. Hilarity has to ensue.

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