Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Halloween

You know that the Halloween season is at hand when the Oreos are orange and black, the caramel apples are prominently displayed, costumes are everywhere, the bookstore starts displaying the ‘scary’ stuff and tv and film starts gearing towards all things Halloween like. Now I love Halloween. Always have. In fact I think I might have been all about the season while I was still a toddler. I always look happy in costume. There is something about the holiday. Even though it is getting colder there is an undercurrent of excitement. There are the pumpkins and cider, pomegranates and autumn colors. It’s the promise of the fire in the fireplace and tucking in at night. I can’t turn the channel without seeing The Shining or The Exorcist and my most beloved Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special. I love the holiday so much that I am going to attempt to blog every day and tell you exactly why: 31 reasons to be exact. If I am lucky I might post some reviews that have been clamoring about in my brain for the past couple of weeks. Reading = easy. Writing the Reviews = Not as easy. I think it’s the typing. Needs dragonspeak or some such. Let’s see if I can do it. I dare me.

To start you off The Travel Channel has some wicked ‘Weekends to Die For’ programming which includes Making Monsters which follows Ed and Marsha Edmunds who own Distortions Unlimited which specializes in creating all of the animatronic monsters and haunted house designs which yours truly loves to go to. Assisting them in their work is movie monster creator Jordu Schell who is known for his work as a sculptor on films like Avatar, Predators, Galaxy Quest, etc. It starts this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on the Travel Channel.

Bedlam begins tonight on BBC America which follows the residents of the Bedlam Heights apartments which are haunted by…ghosts. The first episode focuses on one of the tenants who lives and works there and who is visited by her adopted cousin who reportedly can see ghosts and glimpses of past events.

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