Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Extra: She Wolf


I am a TV junkie. Been that way for a while. Now there have been lots of supernatural shows that have come and gone over the years, but She-Wolf was one of my favorites for some odd reason. Right up there with Friday the 13th the series which I will get to later in the month.

Aired in the early 1990’s She Wolf centered on Randi Wallace (Kate Hodge) an American student who is studying abroad in London with famous mythology scholar Ian Matheson (Neil Dickson). Of course it wouldn’t be called She Wolf of London unless poor Randi has her own American Werewolf in London experience with a werewolf on…you guessed it the moors. The series followed the two not only trying to find a cure for Randi’s lycanthropy but seemed to encounter every supernatural mystery and creature that they could possibly find along the way. Which I was okay with.

It was funny as much as it focused on the baddies and had the romance of Randi and Ian which a young teenager like me totally dug. It was just fun. Admittedly it was a bit on the camp side and the effects were what you would expect from a syndicated show in the 90’s. But I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. Remember I also loved shows like Friday the 13th the series, Highlander, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Baywatch Nights with Angie Harmon and Crow: Stairway to Heaven as well as USA’s Silk Stockings. And let’s face it sometimes I still don’t need all the bells and whistles, I just want to be entertained. Eventually the show moved from London to Los Angeles where it became Love and Curses. Ian became a talk show host that explored all things occult and Randi and Ian still searched for a cure.

Did you ever watch it? Or was I one of the few? Have any other genre shows you really miss watching from when you were younger?

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BDS said...

Always wanted to watch it. It is on my DVD wish List in my head. I look forward to the Friday the 13th series. I had such a crush on the female lead of that series.