Thursday, May 22, 2014


Name: John Crichton
Born: 1969 in Mephis
You Know Him From: Farscape
Geek Cred: Being a giant fanboy with his sarcasm and quips, hella smart, and having the bluest eyes ever

” I try to save a life a day. Usually it’s my own.”

Ah Farscape. I love me some Ben Browder, who happily shares those gorgeous eyes and million watt smile, but it is the character he plays on Farscape that I crush pretty hard on. An astronaut from Earth, John Crichton gets catapulted through a wormhole during a test flight. He then finds himself on a ship named Moya (who is alive) full of escaped prisoners who eventually become his friends. Adventures and hijinks ensue.

The great thing about Crichton is he is a scientist and mathematician, not just a pop culture quoting smart ass. He is a good guy who likes to reason or charm his way out of situations at times instead of just shooting his way through it. He trusts his instinct, he loves the stars, and he adapts rather well and quite quickly considering he finds himself far from Earth and in a world full of spaceships, aliens, and creepy bondage guys. And he is flawed. This is a good thing. It makes me love him even more when he makes bad decisions, when he gets lonely and desperate, and kind of acts a little crazy.

Of course how can you not love Crichton when he shares his time with Aeryn Sun. Aeryn is an amazing character (not just because she is played by Claudia Black) who is strong and powerful, definitely a character to aspire to be. Their love is sigh worthy, yep sigh worthy. Their chemistry is palatable and seeing them fall in love, fall apart, and reunite may have had me all flustered a couple of times.

So yes, I crush on John Crichton and all of his nerdy fanboyness. I love his loyalty. I love that I can relate to him as much as I want to replace Aeryn with myself. He never bores me and I am so glad I got the chance to get to know him. Now bring on the Farscape movie!

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