Sunday, May 18, 2014


Now that the kids have fled the University for the Summer, I can actually start planning our Summer getaways. While we will be doing rather mundane visits…filled with fun, I started thinking about where we would vacation if money was no object and if these places were actually real. Wish I could call my travel agent on all of these. What would be your vacation spots? Anything I missed?

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Umm chocolate waterfalls, everlasting gobstoppers, and a three course meal in a stick of gum? Why wouldn’t I try to find a Golden Ticket to go spend a weekend trying to achieve a sugar coma? Plus you have the infamous Mr Wonka at the helm who is snarky and odd. Admit it, you totally daydreamed about this as a child. I know I did. I was mesmerized by Gene Wilder’s Wonka, the Technicolor absurdity of it all, and yep…all the candy.

Rivendell (Lord of the Rings) Rivendell is located in a lovely valley full of waterfalls, springs, and miles upon miles of forested mountains. It is absolutely gorgeous. Oh and the architecture…look at that. Why wouldn’t you want to go hang out there for a week? Plus Elrond and his kin have lived there for quite a few centuries so the history, the library, the secret nooks and crannies must be amazing. Also I want to hang out with the elves.

The Citadel (Mass Effect) Why wouldn’t I want to spend a ton of time at the Citadel? Basically I could hang out with the crew of the Normandy, it’s a giant floating space station full of wonderful races. It has shopping, entertainment, game parlors, battle arenas and did I mention the Normandy crew. Any chance E and I could get to hang with Garrus, Grunt and Tali, count us in. Also…SPACE!

Hogsmeade (Harry Potter) Hogwarts is the easy choice and who wouldn’t want to spend their summer at wizarding school learning potions? Except if you want a mini vacation. I chose Hogsmeade as it is close by (read day trip to Hogwarts), has a beautiful view, and still has all of the fun shops. We could go have a butterbeer or two at the Three Broomsticks, grab some Hiccup Sweets from Zonko’s, enjoy some tea from Madame Puddifoot’s tea shop, and of course grab tons of candy from Honeydukes. A beautiful weekend in a little village in Scotland, yep it just spells romance and fun.

Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia) Minus evil Queens, it includes talking animals, dryads, mermaids, ooh and the stars are actual beings that dance across the sky. I would be okay with visiting for a few days especially if I get to travel through a Wardrobe to get there.

Asgard (Marvel) After countless comics and both of the Thor films’ imagining of Asgard, don’t you want to visit as well. You get to travel by rainbow (bonus), see amazing views of Earth and other magnificent places, and the clothing is top notch. Sit down for a feast, listen to the history being told, spar with Loki, and wish you could stay for more than a week.

Spooky Island Horror Resort and Amusement Park (Scooby Doo) Those who know me know that I am a big horror fan. A resort catered to scaring you, count me in. I mean someone needs to make this a reality already. Not only would I get my drinks with umbrellas but then I could go ride a rollercoaster that was Friday the 13th themed. Have some memorabilia, head to the souvenir shop for your very own Freddy hat and glove. Watch a Riff Trax version of Sharknado before going on a ghost tour or some ghost hunting. E would not go with me however as he is not a fan of horror films unless you count Tucker and Dale versus Evil.

Honorable Mentions Dinotopia (Dinotopia), Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland), Neverland (Peter Pan), Highgarden (ASoIaF), and Risa the Pleasure Planet (Star Trek)

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