Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have come to the conclusion that I am getting old despite my valiant attempts at clinging onto my childhood. Did you know that Gargoyles came out in 1994? That was 20 years ago. Okay so you understand my conclusion. You may have grown up with the show as I did. Brought to us by Disney, Gargoyles began during the Dark Ages of Scotland where the gargoyles were stone by day, but flesh and blood at night. Chosen to protect the castle where they live, they are not looked at fondly by the people. Ultimately they are betrayed and cursed that they will remain stone until the castle rises above the clouds.

Fast forward to present day where wealthy billionaire Xanatos has moved the castle from Scotland to NewYork where he has placed it atop his skyscrapers. The Gargoyles are now awake once again in a world they know little of. Each of the gargoyles gets a new name in an effort to try and adjust: Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Bronx (Goliath keeps his name because he is cool like that). They make friends along the way such as Detective Elisa Masa. Betrayed by Xanatos, the Gargoyles pledge to protect NYC as they once did their beloved castle.

It had a great voice cast that largely was Star Trek alumni. Jonathan Frakes and Mirina Sirtis were regulars, but Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Avery Brooks, and even Nichelle Nichols were guest stars. Keith David was Goliath and let’s face it his voice is kinda like butter.

So why do I like it and why do I have this sense of nostalgia for it? It was different from so many of the cartoons of that day. It helped that in 1994 I may have been going through a bit of a gothic phase so gargoyles were right up my alley. I actually liked the characters though. It was dark, characters were flawed, but I was hooked.

What did you think of the series if you watched it as I did? Is there another show you really miss? Do you feel old like I do? Please share in the comments.

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