Thursday, May 1, 2014


Name: Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
Born: August 15, 1990
You Know Her From: The Hunger Games, X-men
Geek Cred: Being a giant fangirl, playing Katniss Everdeen, and being a bad ass chickie who speaks her mind (love that btw)

What is it about Jennifer Lawrence. She is everywhere these days as Mystique in the new X-Men films, As Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games films, and winning Oscars and Oscar nods in her turns in Silver Linings Playbook, Winter’s Bone and American Hustle. She is America’s new sweetheart and can you blame anyone for having a giant crush on her. She’s adorable, a giant fangirl, and the woman has some acting chops. But the reason I girl crush on her is her snarkiness, her humor, and her unapologetic way of just being herself. We’d bond over our nerdy sides, wonder if there is food somewhere, and maybe exchange some mix tapes.

Jennifer seems accessible and far from the starlet Hollywood wants her to be. Every interview I watch she leaves me smiling. She doesn’t apologize for not losing weight when Hollywood wants her to, she makes jokes about her boobs, and she gets starstruck all the time (one of my favorite gifs is her running away all squee like at an event because she was fangirling so hard) This is the girl who once stalked Stamos at a party (Uncle Jesse), asks if there is food at an event (The Oscars), loved Justin T just like everyone else did, and has an adorable friendship with her Hunger Games costar Josh.

Of course as an actress she is amazing. There is a reason why this woman has won an Oscar among her numerous other awards. She does a great job with every role she takes and personally she has become one of those actresses that I will go see the movie she is in because I like her that much (her role in Silver Linings is amazing and her character oh so relatable)

Acting aside, she is just herself. In her interviews she is not afraid to poke fun at her profession or discuss her life with a little bit of self-deprecation. She hates exercising (me too) and once said, “I hate saying, ‘I like exercising.’ I want to punch people who say that in the face.” Because let’s face it we do it because we should but rarely do I gleefully say I like it. She speaks sarcasm fluently. Photobombs just like Cumberbatch and is just plain cool.

These are why I love her. Admit it, you like her too.

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