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Inspired by last week’s Fandom Friday post I present this week’s Wednesday What If. Tis the season for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pecan pie and of course spending time with your family. It’s a day of gorging yourself with delicious food, watching the game, falling into a food coma and then stupidly getting up 5 hours later in pitch black to go wait in line for 4 hours to get a cheap deal on electronics. Or in my case having dinner with good friends, falling into a food coma, playing some video games and then waking up when I feel like it on Friday because I am more happy to have the extra day off then to go deal with traffic…and people. Now if your family is anything like mine Thanksgiving can sometimes be mundane and then other times a bit crazy. Now I am lucky I have both my blood family and the family I wasn’t born with (also known as the one you make which is just as important, sometimes more so). But what if we could choose our family from our little geeky imaginations? But who is this fabulous fictional family? Have fun. Please share and I will post your link to your answer.

Grandmother: Granny Weatherwax (Discworld Novels)
She’s a witch, is prone to occasionally put up signs that read ‘not dead, just resting’. On top of that she reminds me of my Granny June (Miss you Granny). She takes no prisoners, would tell me bad and dirty jokes, would let me just be me no matter what and tell some of the best stories ever.

Grandfather: Gandalf the Grey (Lord the Rings)
I shouldn’t have to explain this too much. He’s Gandalf. He smokes, drinks, tells jokes and has the best fireworks ever. And oh yeah one of the coolest wizards ever. Plus summers with Grandpa would be amazing in Middle Earth.

Father: Mr. Pendergrass (Easy A)
If you have seen this movie (which you should) you can understand why Stanley Tucci’s father figure would be awesome except for the part where we would have to watch the Bucket List. He would embrace if not encourage my quirkiness and is just cool. Plus he loves my fictional mother a great deal. This is important.

Mother: Mrs. Pendergrass (Easy A)
Also kind of a logical choice if you’ve seen the movie. You can’t have Stanley Tucci without Patricia Clarkson. Awesome parents. I imagine that I would also be as adorable as Olive is. And yet geekier. Plus she would share with you, possibly things about her misspent youth, but hey we’d have mother/daughter share time.

Big Brother: Macgyver
Cause after we cut his mullet off because it was not an awesome hair choice, Mac would be great. If the oven broke down before the turkey was done, all we would need is a paperclip, some shampoo, a match and some dryer flint and voila. Turkey dinner.

Big Sister: Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
I wasn’t a hard core Gilmore Girls fan, but I watched enough that she would make an awesome big sister. A bit crazy, but balanced because of her cool factor. Slumber parties, spa days, gossip sessions and anything involving boys would be awesome. Plus amazing dialogue because yes I am thinking of this Turkey Extravaganza as a film.

Little Brother: Tom Imura (Rot N Ruin)
Because when the zombie apocalypse happens, it will be nice to have him as a little brother and who will ultimately save me or cut off my head really quickly if things go bad. Not sure why zombies might show up at Thanksgiving dinner, but you never know. It’s always important to be prepared.

Little Sister: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (Mass Effect series)
Different species, sure we are. She’s adopted and still family. I would spend my time getting her drunk on Holiday sangria, reminiscing about Garrus, and teaching her all of my nerdy ways. Such fun.

Uncle: Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Uncle Peter would be awesome. Cause he would take me on adventures. And also possibly get me killed while on said adventures. Fun times. Plus on occasion he would send me baby Groot to take care of him. We would then have dance parties because of all of the awesome mixes we would be listening to.

Aunt: Inara Sera (Firefly)
Not only would having the birds and bees conversation go over so much better, but Inara would have the best stories. Plus she’d make me feel all girly girl. Awesome Aunt. Also does this mean Mal and the rest of the crew would visit too because, you know, extended family. Sweet.

The Uncle who isn’t Really An Uncle: Hardison (Leverage)
One: Cause then I would inadvertently meet the rest of the crew. Two: Which means I get to hang with Parker. Yeah. Three: Having the coolest geeky hacker ever would mean great things. Admit it. I would love ‘Uncle’ Hardison to pieces.

The Friend Who Would Rather Spend Time with Your Family Rather than Their Family: Claudia (Warehouse 13)
Somehow I think Claudia would get along with the rest of my family. We would be lifelong geekmates. I just see her coming after saying Hey Mr and Mrs M and then sitting down to play Dragon Age multiplayer with Uncle Peter and Uncle Hardison and I.

Date: The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)
Allons-y. We would saunter in after a delightful trip from whenever and wherever. I would be an awesome companion by the way. Plus he would be all David Tennant shaped and that doesn’t suck. Another plus: there is always the snogging under the mistletoe later. Also, reasons.

Family Pet: Lucky aka Pizza Dog (Hawkeye)
We all know that on occasion you have to feed the family pet with the real bad stuffing that Uncle Peter brought because let’s face it he’s not really that great of a cook. However the family pet is happy to be fed with the People Food he isn’t supposed to eat. Not only is Lucky the canine companion to both Hawkeyes and currently living with Kate, but he totally saved Clint’s life. I think he deserves some turkey bits. Plus look at that face.

What consists of your fictional Holiday family? Let me know and I will post your link.


Katya Owu said...

Awesome post! It made me want to watch Easy A again! Also, I can't think of a better date than David Tennant! <3

Smirking Revenge said...

I know best parents ever in Easy A. Love that movie so much. It was hard not to add Olive as my little sister.