Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yes it is football season. I have been to my last home game for my Bobcats and on occasion I watch some pro football, but I am not a hard core fanatic about any one particular team. I do like football movies though. Here are my Top Seven.

“Quarterback Princess” (1983)
Helen Hunt plays Tami Maida who wants to be the quarterback of the high school football team. Of course because she is a lady everyone is against her. Of course Tami goes out to prove that not only can she play football but she can win the state championship. Oh and be the Homecoming Queen. Based on a true story I loved this film as a kid and wanted to play football for a bit…possibly while wearing the pretty homecoming dress.

"The Last Boy Scout" (1991)
The movie starts off with the star player taking PCP, taking a gun out and shooting the opposing players as he makes his way for a touchdown before killing himself. Done deal right? Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) penned this one that Tony Scott directed. It is part action, part mystery and definitely all about the black comedy aspects brought to you famously by Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. Oh and it has Halle Berry in it.

"Heaven Can Wait" (1978)
Warren Beatty plays Joe Pendleton, a quarterback who loses his life in a car accident. He is returned to Earth and into the body of an aging millionaire who has just been drowned by his wife and her new lover (Charles Grodin). Leo buys the Los Angeles Rams to lead them to the Super Bowl as their quarterback. So he finds his old trainer and get into shape, falls in love, and tries to make it to the Super Bowl. It’s a cute film and also stars Julie Christie.

"Rudy" (1993)
I like feel good sports movies. They make me happy and Rudy is definitely one of those movies. Starring Sean Astin as Rudy the film has that feel good, absolute determination, awesomeness to it. You root for Rudy, who no one can believe would ever be a collegiate athlete, to finally become part of the Fightin’ Irish. He never gives up and plus Sean Astin is just plain cool (Goonies and Lord of the Rings)

"The Replacements” (2000)
Keanu Reeves (Shane Falco) never made it as the star quarterback, but he gets a second chance when salary disputes create a player strike. Jimmy (Gene Hackman) gets hired to coach and decides to replace the players who have walked out with Falco and a rag tag ensemble to finish out the rest of the season. It’s a great quirky, sweet movie about second chances. Totally dig it.

"Any Given Sunday" (1999)
Oliver Stone likes to do gritty and this is his take on the football industry. Starring Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz and Jaime Foxx it is a film of excess. Full of plots, subplots, eyeballs on the turf, and plenty of hard hitting drama, you cannot help but watch it.

"Lucas" (1986)
Corey Haim plays Lucas, a nerdy 14 year old high school student. He falls for the new girl in town, Maggie, whom he meets on one of his insect adventures and the two hang out during the rest of the summer. When school begins Lucas finds himself, once again, bullied by the jocks of the school. He does have one friend though Cappie (Charlie Sheen), who used to be a bully as well before he became his friend and protector. Things get messy when Maggie falls for Cappie instead of Lucas. In a last ditch effort to make Maggie fall for him instead of Cappie, Lucas joins the football team. It doesn’t go as planned. And yet slow clap.

Honorable Mentions:
Brian’s Song, Friday Night Lights, and We Are Marshall

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