Friday, November 28, 2014


This week’s Fandom Friday is all about Black Friday. To be more specific: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For. As a former retail manager it is a day I loathe and it gets worse every year (open on Thanksgiving when people should be with their families…meh). Maybe it is because I would rather sleep in on a blessed day off and then spend the day reading, catching up on tv, playing DA: Inquisition, or even board games like we are going to do with A &T rather deal with people who treat retail employees like crap. And yet I love my Fandom Friday. Like a good little Smirking there is a twist for my top five. We’re going to discuss fictional presents I might be willing to wake up and venture outside in this winter wonderland we are having (almost 8 inches) to buy. Note: We are just going to assume that the TARDIS, A Lightsaber, Point of View Gun from Hitchhiker’s, and Baby Groot are just automatic gimmies. How about you? Did I miss something important?

The Holodeck // Star Trek
This is virtual reality at its best. It can be my own personal gym where I want to run from virtual zombies to reenacting my own version of American Gladiators or Double Dare (you know I would). Or you know have the Green Arrow be my personal trainer. But the Holodeck can also be my own vacation home. Feel like spending the evening at a café in Paris. Done. Maybe some hiking in Rivendell for the weekend. Done. How about act like a kid and ride every ride at a Six Flags Amusement park without waiting in line? Or what about lunch at Hogsmeade? Hell I would be content with hiking in Oregon without anyone else around. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. I could spend my free time inserting myself into a Jane Austen novel where I can picnic with the D’Arcys, where Katniss, Kate Bishop and I work on our bow skills, and I solve crimes with John and Sherlock. I could go on adventures with Mal and company, attend Jurassic Park without being eaten, and have a dance off with Starlord. Seriously, why is this not real yet? Things I would do immediately once I was done with work: Eat dinner at Milliways (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe), Go blow off some steam with E and Garrus on the Citadel at the Armax Combat Arena, and maybe finish the evening off with some R&R lounging in a hammock with E on some secluded and warm island getaway. Sigh. I would soooo bundle up and wait in line to grab this one. For days people. Days.

The Replicator // Star Trek
Yep Star Trek has all of the awesome gadgets including a transporter, tricorders, and a space elevator. Of course for those of you who know and love Star Trek it was primarily shown used as a way to provide food and drink. Jean Luc wants his tea…voila. I want a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster…there you go. Or maybe I have a huge hankering for sirloin…it made it so. It means when I get home from work and have no real desire to cook a meal, the replicator does it for me. And the great thing is when E and I are done eating we put our dirty dishes back in the replicator and it recycles everything. Whoo hoo. A Replicator is also great for shopping. Want that dress in your size? Maybe need to buy a gift for your special someone? Or get a new piece of art for the home? All this can be done. And then when you outgrow those things, back in for recycling. I don’t think I can wait for the technology to show up in my lifetime. Get on this people.

Babelfish // Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
This small yellow fish that lives in your ear translates any language you hear into something that you understand. This would be a lovely device to have when traveling overseas. I only wish that it would also translate my own speech into another language. I suppose everyone will have to have one. Also, would it allow me to finally understand the family cat and dog? If so, count me in for the non-sleepy times on Black Friday.

Med Bay // Elysium
In Elysium if you are wealthy enough you get to have a Med Bay which essentially looks like half MRI, half tanning bed. It kind of makes you immortal as whatever ails you, it can fix. Sunburn? Fixed. Faulty knees? Cartilage fixed. I wouldn’t have to worry about the flu or cancer. And I get to lay down for a bit while I get all fixed up. Yes, please.

Dire Wolf Puppy (Game of Thrones)
I admit I would rather find this little pup underneath my tree with a red bow rather than spend hours in line waiting for her. Direwolves are highly intelligent, are extremely loyal to their masters and oh so cuddly. Plus it’s like having a furry pony and a canine companion at the same time.

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