Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday What Ifs: Cars

I love my car, but sometimes you just wish you had something a wee bit...other. So this week we are going to imagine our other vehicles, you know the ones we keep at home in the Batcave and only bring out on special occasions. Now this is up to you, you can just geek out on your favorite actually does exist vehicles or like me, imagine a vehicle that is more than just really sexy. We’ll do spaceships, etc some time later. Here are my top five.

KITT (Knight Rider) Knight Industries Three Thousand. I choose the reboot because let’s face it that car was incredibly sexy. I love KITT because it is Herbie on crack. Not only is KITT intelligent but it has one goal, keep you safe. Here is what is cool about the Three Thousand: can morph into other cars (kind of like glamour), windshield projection (again GPS and everything else on crack), missiles, guns and lasers (you know for protection), a 3d printer that lets make an extra key or you know a dashboard hula doll, of course different modes (attack and stealth), plus he talks. I would prefer my KITT sounded like David Tennant though instead of Val Kilmer. And with the red light scanner bar reminds me of a Cylon. It would be such a sexy sexy car. Not sure why I would need all the gadgets and protection but maybe I find new life as a modern day superhero....or well, you know a girl can never be too careful.

Aston Martin DB5 (James Bond) There have been a ton of different models for the various movies, but I have giant love for Bond’s car from Goldfinger. Not only is the Aston Martin a beautiful car, but this one had all the bells and whistles (ejector seat, guns, oil slick, revolving license plates, etc). PLus if I am lucky James Bond may come with the car.

Delorean (Back to the Future) Car, Time Machine and it has vertical doors (hell yeah). Downside it does run on plutonium or if you are in a pinch, lightning from a clock tower. And admittedly it would be a bit cramped, but it’s an awesome looking car though and going back and forward in time wouldn’t suck.

Black Beauty (Green Hornet) The movie was horrid, but the car was beautiful. A sleek Imperial Crown model with tons of bells and whistles. Not only would I look pretty sweet in it, but I would also have the ability to destroy things with its guns, missiles and flamethrowers (again not really sure why I need all that, but nice to have just in case), bulletproof glass, tires that never go flat, and have a sweet sound system to boot. Plus, green headlights if I want them.

Bumblebee (Transformers) A car that is really a Transformer and talks to you via audio clips. Awesome. I would have a friend and a car. A really sweet looking Camaro shaped car. Plus he cant be stolen, which may be an issue for all of these pretty cars, cause you know he’d go Christine on them.

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Barry Shaffner said...

I would add one vehicle, the Mach 5. Always loved that car. KITT is the ultimate though. Give me classic or the newer version. I also liked that Knight Rider Truck from the syndicated TV show Team Knight Rider.