Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geek Girl Penpals

Remember sitting down and writing a letter? That went through the mail? And wasn’t part of a birthday card or Christmas card? Yeah, it’s been a while for me as well. I have also really wanted to have a penpal for some time and meet some other geeky women. Then I found the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.

So here is the dealio on it. It was founded only this past March by a couple of gals who are trying to revive the lost art of letter writing. They are looking for women who love to write and send letters, who want to find new friends who are as geeky as they are. So one a month they have signups and attempt to match you up with your International Geek Pen Pal soul mate. And each round there is a theme (my initial one is all about sugar and spice and something nice). Anyone 13 and over can join up, there is a great little geeky community online with a forum, meet-ups, activities and more.

I know I am quite excited to break out the stationary, do a little papercraft, find some cool local postcards and make a new buddy. Maybe you might be too. So go on over and check it out and maybe make a new friend.

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