Sunday, February 3, 2013


Whoo hoo JJ Abrams is set to direct and hopefully bring some new life back to the Star Wars franchise. This kind of fills me with geeker joy. Why? Because I love JJ kind of like how I love Joss (apparently I adore geniuses whose names begin with J though sorry JJ Joss is Boss and my geeker Power That Be. In Joss I trust) So why do I love JJ? As a writer and producer he made me fall in love with Sydney Bristow (Alias), had me wonder what was in the damn box in Felicity, excited me every week with LOST and had my imagination soar with Fringe, Super 8 and of course Star Trek.

Now as a geek you are usually a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan. Love Next Gen and Deep Space Nine, but was an Ewok for a few years for Halloween (Princess Kneesaa from the comics btw) and harbor a deep crushes on Han Solo and Mara Jade. So in a way I am a bit of both though admittedly want to be more of a jedi than a crew member of the Enterprise.

But JJ did something to the Star Trek franchise I didn’t think he could do. He made it relevant again, exciting again and frankly a new lease on pop culture life. I loved what JJ did and I extremely excited for Into Darkness.

So what can JJ did for breathing new life into Star Wars? He will take liberties with the material and risks, but hopefully take the series into a new direction while still staying true to the franchise that everyone loves. I know some Trekkies absolutely hate what JJ did with the whole Star Trek continuity and cosmology, but lets face it Star Wars fanboys and girls are just as critical as they discuss birth order in Episode III among other things. You aren’t going to please everyone is all I am saying. I think JJ will do the world justice and add a ton of new fans while still pleasing the majority of us who grew up with the Force. Another reason I think he will do an amazing job is that he is a Star Wars fan. Look what he did with Star Trek and he didn’t grow up Trekkie. Now picture a fan and the reverence that they hold for something that they love.

I suppose there are some who are just cringing with the announcement. Will the film be chock full of lens flares and twists and turns and that maybe he wont get to what Star Wars is really about. But frankly I would love to get back to the Star Wars I love and grew up with and get away from the whole midichlorian bs.

I have never really hated anything JJ has done in the past few years including Mission Impossible 3. He’s a great guy and a great director. I am excited.

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