Wednesday, June 1, 2016

LEVELING UP - 101 in 1001

START DATE: June 1, 2016
END DATE: February 27th, 2019

It is my birthday tomorrow. As I approach some milestones in my life, I started thinking about the things that I have not done yet. I also moved to California last year with the Rogue and when I moved from Montana I realized that I had lived in beautiful Montana for quite a few years and crossed very little off of my bucket list. I wondered why. I wondered how many things I could do in my new home and this new chapter in my life. Imagine how many adventures and new things to learn are out there. It is time for me to level up. I need a +20 in life right now.

Now I love lists. I do well with lists (probably because I enjoy crossing things off of them). So, I started thinking about those bucket lists. What haven’t I done? What is keeping me from doing it all? A friend sent me a link to and this epic list of my life wishes began to form.

Here is the plan. I have 1001 days to complete all 101 goals and level up as a human being. 3 years. A lot can happen in 3 years. It consists of things across all points of my life. Some of them are easy. Some of them will be difficult. But all of them can be accomplished if I really wanted them to. I unofficially started this about a month ago, but now it’s official. I did a post and everything. :)

My goal is to post when I have completed something (including pictures when I can). Maybe I will be uber awesome and get all 101 things done. Maybe the point is that I will have tried and that I am conscious of the things *I* want in my life. Of course these are not the only things I want either. This list could keep going for quite some time. I suppose that means something. Like I said I am ready to level up as a human. I know these things usually happen at the beginning of the new year, but now feels the right time for me. Thank you for going on the journey with me. Support me, heckle me, or make sure I keep on track. I hope it will be fun. Allons-y!

Last edited: 6.8.16

 1. Finish creating the 101 list and post it || completed 6.1.16
 2. Put away $20 for every goal completed.
 3. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words
 4. Identify 100 things that make me happy
 5. Make 3 new friends
 6. Reconnect with an old friend
 7. Volunteer 5 times
 8. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day
 9. Leave an inspirational note for someone.
10. Get rid of 101 things I no longer need
11. Write a will
12. Get a job I love
13. Start my own business
14. Adopt a pet that needs rescuing

15. Achieve my goal weight or be happy and healthy with my weight
16. Successfully start and complete at least 10 30 day fitness challenges
17. Do a fun run (Color, Night, Pub, etc)
18. Run at least 2 5Ks
19. Donate blood
20. Find a skincare routine that works.
21. Eat no fast food for a month
22. Don’t eat sugar for a week.

23. Have a spa day
24. Redo my wardrobe
25. Reduce my closet by 1/2
26. Discover a brow bar
27. Play with at least 10 beauty tutorials
28. Buy at least 3 things off my Pinup or Modcloth wishlists
29. Get a massage every six months

30. Try 1 new recipe every week (1 of 143 completed)
31. Bake cupcakes once a month
32. Try a new cocktail every 2 weeks
33. Go on a proper picnic
34. Go to High Tea
35. Go vegetarian for two weeks
36. Bake a Birthday cake
37. Try 10 new-to-me foods (1 of 10 completed)
38. Take a cooking class

39. Go horseback riding on the beach
40. Ride in a hot air balloon
41. Watch the sun rise and the sun set in the same day
42. Build a sandcastle on the beach
43. Take a long weekend away with E every year
44. Send a message in a bottle
45. Learn to identify 5 new constellations
46. Buy an original piece of art.
47. Fly a kite
48. Get professional photos done.
49. Go to at least 3 concerts
50. Go ziplining

51. Visit Yosemite
52. Go to Point Reyes
53. Spend a weekend in Sonoma
54. Go to Disneyland
55. Go on a new hike every month
56. Visit Tahoe
57. Discover a new park every month
58. Go kayaking and see otters
59. Go to Great America || completed 6.5.16
60. Watch the SF Ballet
61. Visit a winery or vineyard

62. Travel outside the US
63. Visit Harry Potter World in Florida or California
64. Travel domestically to a place I have never been once a year
65. Spend a long weekend in Las Vegas
66. Visit 1 new National Park a year
67. Spend more time in the Pacific Northwest

68. Read 26 books by new authors aka the alphabet challenge
69. Read 20,000 pages
70. Read 5 books based purely on their cover
71. Write at least 4 book reviews a month
72. Take part in 2 reading challenges
73. Do 5 Book Giveaways
74. Interview 2 authors
75. Ask 10 friends to suggest one book, read them all
76. Read 10 books on the banned book list that I have not read before
77. Write a letter to my favorite author
78. Hold a reading challenge

79. Watch 10 documentaries
80. Watch 3 Webseries
81. Ask 10 friends to suggest a movie, watch them all
82. Go to a film festival
83. Do a 30 day video game challenge
84. Finish 5 incomplete games
85. Try TWITCH streaming
86. Attend 1 convention a year

87. Take a drawing/painting class
88. Scrapbook all old photos
89. Buy a proper camera
90. Learn to machine sew and post 3 projects
91. Learn to crochet and post 3 projects
92. Try and complete 1 new pinterest project every month
93. Do a 30 day photo challenge
94. Complete a coloring book

95. Try to do an unboxing video
96. Sponsor 10 blogs
97. Redo design and Rebrand
98. Find 3 people to guest on my blog
99. Make 3 social linkups
100. Attend 1 blogger event
101. Post at least 3x a week

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Christenoff said...

Hey, I like your lists. You seem very goal oriented and I am proud of you. Good luck in each of your endeavors. -Stefani Christenot