Friday, January 16, 2015


5 Fandom Friday is a series hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.This week’s Fandom Friday is all about Fandom Conventions. More specifically it is about conventions you have either attended or would like to attend. Now living in Montana, there are not too many close by conventions, so if you are on a limited budget it is hard to make it out to cons like SDCC and such. However this all changes in March when I move to San Francisco with E. So excited and already planning my attack for convention season in the next year and a half. So are there amazing conventions that you have been to that I need to check out? What conventions would you love to attend?

We will start this list off with the big con I have attended a couple of times – San Diego Comic Con. It’s been a few years as prices have skyrocketed and it is so often sold out before you can even blink. However, it is hella fun as long as you don’t mind invasion of your personal space because holy cow…crowds. Also get used to standing in line. And yet it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The last time I went was with 5 of my guy friends several years back. I was the girly geek in the group, but I didn’t mind. I met so many amazing people, went to wicked awesome panels (BSG and Dr Horrible I am looking at you), and came home with a suitcase far too full. I am not sure if I would go back to SDCC though, maybe NYCC for a change of scenery.

Emerald City Comic Con
Next we will talk about the one convention I know I am going to this year or at least I have the tickets for it – Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington. This three day event of absolute geekiness gets bigger and bigger every year. In fact last year the gaming portion of the con moved over to the Sheraton hotel to make room for an expanded show floor. My friends Missy and Kristin have been trying to get me to go for the past couple of years and I have been going through convention withdrawals, so I am hoping to be there at the end of March.

Dragon Con
Dragon Con in Atlanta allows me to do two things and cross them right off that bucketlist. One: go to a completely wicked convention that has had an annual all Klingon, Miss Klingon beauty pageant. Two: Allows me to go see the whale sharks as the aquarium while I am in Atlanta. The parade of cosplayers down the streets of Atlanta always looks pretty amazing and I have heard that it is one of the more fun conventions to go to when you are more of an adult geek such as myself aka over the age of 30.

Penny Arcade eXpo or PAX is held in Seattle. Sadly E and I had tickets to it a couple of years ago but were unable to go due to finances. Which totally bums me out because as a gamer of both tabletop and console, I relish the chance to nerd out at a gaming convention. It appears to be a gamer’s mecca and one that also is getting larger and larger every year if you are lucky enough to get tickets (last year they sold out in 6 hours). I am hoping that being a tiny bit closer to a ton of flights and a decent jaunt in a car, that I will be able to go to this in the next couple of years.

Alternative Press Expo
Alternative Press Expo used to be held in San Francisco after moving from San Jose where it will be returning to in 2015. As a very fond admirer of comics that aren’t necessarily your big publishers, I think it is awesome that artists and writers have a place to showcase their work. I have friends who work in the comics industry and do amazing things but may not be Marvel or DC. It is a little smaller convention, but that is okay. Last year they had some decent panels. I think it would be a fun thing to go to.


Katya Owu said...

Dragon Con sounds like so much fun!!

B said...

I still get goosebumps whenever I think about Tom being Loki in Hall H! Love your list!

Meghan said...

The Whale sharks are another big draw for me and attending DragonCon too!