Friday, January 23, 2015


5 Fandom Friday is a series hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.This week’s Fandom Friday is all about Songs that Changed your Life. But I cannot choose just five songs, so instead I am going to do 5 artists/bands that changed my life. I love music. There is a song for every mood and every event in your life. I love to make cd mixes for people to introduce them to new artists and am so excited that E and I will be near a music scene again. So are there amazing songs or artists that changed your life? Is there a particular band or song that I need to listen to right now? Feel like doing a music swap with me?

Tori Amos
When Little Earthquakes came out I found an artist that I really resonated with. In fact I was convinced that Tori somehow knew my life. I connected with each and every song. Later in my life, I connected with other songs far more than I ever expected to. Tori helped me get through a very tough and traumatic part of my life. She also helped me heal through her music. For that she will always be an artist that changed my life. And I will always be grateful. I chose Winter as a song to highlight her because one: I love the video because I love the kids and two: the song is great. ‘Sleeping beauty trips me with a frown / I hear a voice, "You must learn to stand up for yourself / 'Cause I can't always be around”

I was late to the MUSE party meaning I didn’t really discover them until after Absolution came out and my best friend put them on a cd for me. I was immediately hooked and decided that Matt Bellamy’s voice was right up there with Maynard Keenan. In fact if the two of them were on the same stage together I might die of fangasm, so someone should totally make this happen. To this day the two MUSE concerts I have been to are some of the best experiences I have ever had. Seriously. The song I chose is Starlight because I cannot help but be happy every single damn time I hear it. I also run to Assassin on a regular basis and play a mean Hysteria on Rockband.

Paul Simon
There are some artists who you cannot help but love. When their songs are on the radio you sing your heart out and you will pretty much follow them around the country going to their concerts. Paul Simon has been like that for me. I have planned vacation trips based on where his concerts would be and at this time is the person I have seen the most in concert (Tori is second). The music he has done as a solo artist is so rich and colorful. I am also probably one of the few people in the world who actually really loves The Capeman, his sadly not well received Broadway musical. And lets face it Graceland is just frakking awesome. The song I chose is You can Call me Al because it is one of the few music videos I really remember loving back when MTV actually aired videos. Plus it is just fun. I am singing to it right now even.

Lets face it…Madonna is the queen. Growing up in the eighties I listened to her, dressed like her, and kind of wanted to be her after seeing Desperately Seeking Susan. For me there has always been an empowerment element to her music. She definitely wasn’t afraid to express her sexuality and that is incredibly liberating. She is a kick ass dancer. Her shows are reportedly awesome. And who can forget her music videos. I am choosing the MTV presentation of Vogue because those costumes are amazing. Love her. Enjoy my friends. Enjoy.

Maynard James Keenan
Maynard James Keenan has been the frontman of many bands from Tool, to a Perfect Circle, and more recently Puscifer. He is also quite the wine connoisseur (check out the great documentary Blood into Wine about his vineyard and winery). Again, through his incredibly personal music, I feel like I got through some difficult points in my life (Tori refers to him as an unofficial brother). But he has also made me laugh and he’s made me dance around like a crazy person. More importantly when he sings it sends shivers down my spine. His music gets to you, crawls beneath your skin and all in a good way. For me the music, the instrumentation, and the experimentation with sound is just incredible. Sadly I have never seen him in concert which is a shame. So I will have to be content with all of his albums for now. In a way that is kind of how I like Maynard, alone and in my own space. I chose the song The Mission because it features the Fifth Element herself, Milla Jovovich (whom I loved since the film The Night Train to Kathmandu)


Emilee said...

Ohhh great Puscifer song! Since you love both Tori and Maynard, I'm sure you've seen it... but I LOVE the duet of Mohammad My Friend they did together. It's amazing.

Dahlia DW said...

Oh, I do so love Madonna! And I too, own that Paul Simon album. I enjoyed your list!