Thursday, March 28, 2013


I love being a geek. I loved to read, play games, watch films, discuss the finer points of the Lord of the Rings universe or why I relate to Buffy, and that zombies make everything better. When Chris Hardwick created Nerdist he made fandom cool. If you have been following along with the Thursday Crushes you know that one of my geek crushes is the king himself. He’s a geek, he’s cute as hell and a big giant fanboy who is using his nerd powers for the good of all geeks. If you haven’t heard of Nerdist, where have you been? The podcasts are a weekly listen in both my car and at home (The Indoor Kids and Chris’s own podcast being my favorites), and I watch Talking Dead and the Nerdist specials whenever they are on tv.

I think one of the reasons I really crush on the Nerdist family is these peeps are really geeks. They love what they talk about and that enthusiasm spreads. The empire now consists of about 20 podcasts that range from Sex Nerd Sandra to The Todd Glass Show. There are YouTube shows that feature Neil Patrick Harris (with puppets), Star Talk with my dear Mr. Neil and more and more specials seem to be popping up (whoo hoo BBC America).

Yep Nerds and Geeks are in and for once it is actually cool to let your fandom flag fly for all to see. Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist empire have embraced that and that is why i love them. I love them because I can relate to them and share in the sheer joy that always seems to be present with every one of the ventures. They are passionate about their loves and that is why I crush big time on Nerdist Industries. Oh how I wish I was closer to LA and Meltdown Comics.

Please check them out. The

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