Thursday, March 21, 2013


We’ve all had our first comic book loves. For H its Black Cat for D its Death. And I had Gambit. Back in my childhood I was a huge X-Men fan, yes back in the day when I would pick up single issues instead of waiting for them to be bundled in a trade. Now there were a ton of cool X-men universe characters, but there was something about Gambit. Maybe it was the accent, the little bits of francais and the had to love the swagger. Remy Lebeau was it for me. He was sexy, charismatic and he had Rogue’s heart. Plus he was funny, a thief and a hustler and oh yeah incredibly good looking. What’s a young girl to do?

For those who don’t know who Gambit is, he is the Ragin Cajun from X-Men. You might recognize him from his trademark Bo staff or the fact that he often uses cards charged with kinetic energy which then explode. Abandoned at his birth due to his red eyes, Remy was kidnapped from the hospital by a thieves guild who raised him. Eventually, after a bit of a dark past he met up with the X-men, fell in love with Rogue and had some decent adventures.

 While I have lost touch with him over the years as I left X-men behind and found love in other comic series, Gambit will always be my first comic book crush. Who was your first comic crush?

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Erroll Garner said...

Growing up I always loved watching the 90's cartoons Spiderman and X-men. My two favorite characters from that show were spidey ( of course) and wolverine, I never really took a liking to Gambit until my teenage years. I like the Cajun I think he was and still is slept upon in the comic book world no matter how many fans he may have. I can't wait until the writers and producers start acknowledging him for the super hero that he is.