Thursday, March 31, 2016


If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you have probably heard of Lisa Frank. Certainly you would recognize her handiwork. I had piles of stickers, pencils, and folders of rainbow unicorns, painting pandas, smiling orcas, and neon tiger cubs. When you see Lisa Frank merchandise you have to admit that the shiny, happy, glitter explosion has its own unique style. Seriously so magical. I look at these images and I am transported to my childhood.

Growing up I was drawn to neon cuteness, presumably the same way I was drawn to Freezy Freakies, Unico, and anything a bright dayglo pink. Everything was so colorful, so adorable, so…me as a kid. She was the epitome of cool for me. And I needed to own all of the things. I know I had at least one Trapper Keeper that was Lisa Frank.

Some cool facts about Lisa Frank. She started her company when she was 24 in 1979 (makes me look incredibly…le sigh). That same year she received a million dollar order from Spencer Gifts (a place I spent a lot of time at). Most of the designs were airbrush painted until the 90’s where things switched to computers. It began with stickers and her own unique characters then expanded.

Lisa Frank is still out there. While now everything is contracted out you may have seen some clothing at Urban Outfitters. There is even a Tarot set. She will always have a place in my heart. I seriously need more adorable jaguars in my life or Princess cats.

Were you or are you still a Lisa Frank fan? What was your favorite design? Did you like the inclusion of people later in Lisa Frank’s career. Do you still own Lisa Frank stuff?

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