Friday, March 25, 2016


A couple of years ago I was struggling to find a unique anniversary gift for the Rogue and after looking at all of the goodies offered on Lootcrate I decided to give it a go. We have been happy about it ever since. Granted The Rogue gets all the t-shirts for his ever growing collection, but I get a good share of the goodies as well. This month’s theme was Versus. I wasn’t insanely thrilled about this crate as I knew it would probably be a little DC heavy and I am more of a Marvel girl. The Rogue was excited because he got a monthly gift as per usual.

** Exclusive Star Trek Shirt: Yay Spock. This shirt from Quantum Mechanix has Spock and Mirror Spock. Not our favorite tee to come out of Loot crate, but striking and I know that E will get comments on his cool shirt like he usually does. Really happy that a t-shirt is now in every loot crate this year.

** Daredevil/Punisher Reversible Beanie: This was my favorite thing from the crate though it rarely gets cold enough around here for me to actually warrant wearing a hat. Damn you California sunshine.

*** Batman V Superman Mighty Wallet: We have seen Mighty Wallets everywhere, but never bought one. Not sure how durable they are and not sure if E will actually use it as One: he’s not a huge DC fan and even less of a fan of the film coming out. Two: He loves the wallet he has. I do think I have the perfect person to gift it to however.

***Alien V Predator Vinyl Figure: We love vinyl figures. They can be found everywhere in our home. This little Predator is so damn adorable. The Xenomorph is just as cute. I wish the Predator’s mask came off, but that’s because I adore their ugly little mugs. We know exactly where this little guy is going.

***Exclusive Harley Quinn Comic Book: I do love Harley and I really enjoy when Loot Crate puts comics in the crates every now and again. This one has Harley going on her very own adventure for looters when she finds a genie bottle at the bottom of the sea. I wonder if any of the creators of it will be at ECCC?

*** Alien/Predator Pin: I love that the pins are more lapel pins than the button pins. This time the pin unlocks a complimentary rental of either Aliens or Predator from Cool, except we already own both films. I thought this month’s magazine was great. The Rogue really loved the Spot the Spock and wishes that it was available as a poster so that he could hang it in his office.

So for an exchange of $13.37 + $6 shipping, we got chock full of dead themed goodness. I am estimating about $40-50 worth of goodies though again you had exclusives so that is hard to put a price on. So far we have been very happy about our loot crates. What’s you think of this month’s Loot Crate if you are a nerdy looter like we are? If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, head on over to “Loot crate” . You can use the code “SAVE3” to save $3 off your first box.

Now because I love Loot Crate so much I also do their Level Up Box as well and get a couple of Accessories every month as well. This month it is hair ties (which I use a ton) and some bestie necklaces.

*** DC Hair Ties: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman hair ties. Love these. I have long hair and am constantly putting my hair up. While this type of band also falls out of my hair a bit quicker, They look great on my wrist when it’s not holding my hair back. I may not be excited about the movie, but I still like Batman, Supes, and Wonder Woman. I have Batman in my hair as I type. Totally worth it.

*** Batman V Superman Bestie Necklace set: This is the second time I have received a bestie necklace set. As a woman past the age of 16 it doesn’t hold as much excitement for me. Wearing them separately not a bad thing, but again I am not a huge DC fan and so I cannot really see myself wearing these a whole lot. However my friend Lisa will adore these both and probably wear one when she drags me to the movie later this weekend.

Level Up will run you $15, but like Loot Crate you get more happy goodies and I have been happy with it for the last couple of months. Like I said, if you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, head on over to “Loot crate” . You can use the code “SAVE3” to save $3 off your first box.

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