Saturday, September 13, 2014


I recently discovered a lovely little blog meme from Happy Indulgence Books which is all about gaming. Right up my alley right? It helps that both are fellow book bloggers. Whoo hoo. So I am a little late to the party and that is what I get for just finding out about it. Every month there's a new gaming-related question to answer, you also share a recommendation, and what game you're currently playing. Allons-y!

What's your favorite gaming genre? 

I play a little bit of everything. If you asked me this same question a couple of years ago I would have said strictly RPGS, hack and slash and point and click were my favorite. I was a PS3 fan though I still had an original Xbox. And then I met E. Now I love shooters like Call of Duty. My heart will always belong to games like Mass Effect that blend my old favorite RPG with a shooter. But I am willing to try everything. Only recently did I become attached to the addiction of Minecrack…seriously Minecraft has taken over my life. Well at least it did until Destiny showed up last week. I really can’t choose just one genre as I find merits in many.

My Recommendation – Chime

"Single player game seeks significant gamer for musical puzzle fun. Me: unique, compelling, creative and demanding. You: quick-witted and open-minded with sharp reactions and a deep love of music. Let’s get together and play something beautiful. Featuring music by Moby, Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Philip Glass, Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly) and Markus Schulz. No less than 60% of the purchase price of Chime will go to charity."

This and Flower are two of my oh holy hell I am stressed out and need to relax stat sort of games and the reason I may have chosen it this month is because I may be feeling that way (sometimes working at a University can make you a little grr arghy is all that I am saying). Chime is kind of like Tetris, but with music. Personally I like the PS3 version a little bit better, but I still play it a ton on the Xbox. I like to beat my scores…continually and for some reason I find it incredibly relaxing. Because let’s face it, sometimes shooters just amp me up more instead of instilling the zen. Plus charity. Whoo hoo.

Currently Playing

I have been waiting for Destiny so I haven’t been playing anything too much recently unless you count the above mentioned Chime, Minecraft, and the occasional continuation of The Last of Us. For September I have vowed to finish one of my 80% games (I know you understand this problem). It’s the game you almost finished, but never quite made it because look squirrel. Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Heroes’ Crown, Contrast, and Lollipop Chainsaw are my casualties. And I want to fix that. Right after I finish playing the heck out of Destiny which may continue through this week.

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Jeann @ Happy Indulgence said...

Thanks for joining in on our meme! Heaps of people are getting into destiny but unfortunately I haven't touched a console in so long I'd be terrible at the shooter.

This post makes me want to play Mass Effect 2 & 3! I played the first and really enjoyed it.

Read Play Blog for this month has just been posted! The next question is - "What is your preferred gaming platform"?