Friday, September 26, 2014


September means a lot of things: colder weather, the leaves changing colors, apple cider, pumpkin everything and the return of my favorite shows. Now I have loved my little summer shows such as Outlander, SYTYCD, Legends, and the Quest, but I am ready to return to my old favorites and as mentioned in an earlier post some new friends to make. It’s funny when I look at the schedule below because I have become far pickier with my television than I used to be (though I can’t really tell that). There are also very few shows that I need to watch live because of the lovely invention called a DVR. In fact I binge watch a lot of my shows when I finally do have free time and do a couple of episodes at a time. There are shows I have on in the background when I am crafting or cooking, you know the ones you half watch, and ones that I need to sit down and watch. There are ones that are better watching a couple at a time and ones that I wait to watch until I am in a particular mood. E doesn’t get it since we have Hulu and Netflix. It’s okay. He doesn’t have to get it.

*New Shows

•Once Upon A Time (ABC, Sept. 28)
•Resurrection (ABC, Sept. 28)
•The Walking Dead (AMC, Oct. 12)
•The Affair (Showtime, Oct. 12)*
I know Finn will continue to watch Homeland and Revenge, but I am waiting for a binge watch on Netflix, plus I am behind on both. Of course Sundays are also Masterpiece Theatre for me on PBS, but the shows vary.

•The Blacklist (NBC, Sept. 22)
•Forever (ABC, Sept. 22)*
•The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Sept. 22) (Will move back to Thursdays after football)
I am a little behind on the Blacklist but I should be able to punch it out before the premier now that it is on Netflix. Monday is promising to be my lightest of nights which is fine by me.

•The Flash (CW, Oct. 7)*
•New Girl (FOX, Sept 16)
•SHIELD (ABC, Sept. 23)
•Supernatural (CW, Oct. 7)
I am looking forward to the Flash because I still love some DC verse, but skipping Gotham. Also super excited about SHIELD, yea Lucy Lawless.

• Arrow (CW, Oct. 8)
• American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX, Oct. 8)
• The 100 (CW, Oct. 22)
E and I have been binging on Arrow so I am ready for the new season. As odd as it is I continue to watch American Horror Story mostly due to my love for Paulson. The 100 is one of those shows that I watch while doing other things but the little twist from last season has perked my interest a bit.

• Scandal (ABC, Sept. 25)
• How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Sept. 25)*
• A to Z (NBC, Oct. 2)*
• Gracepoint (FOX, Oct. 2)*
I just finished the last episode of last season yesterday of Scandal, so I am ready for this season. Whoo hoo. How to Get Away with Murder looks promising and I need at least one more comedy so I am willing to try A to Z. White Collar’s last season (sniff) doesn’t air until November and Finn will continue her love for Elementary (I am behind). Pretty much looking forward to David Tennant every week though.

• Constantine (NBC, Oct. 24)
Friday is usually the kiss of death for many shows, but it is getting colder and I tend to hibernate, so it works out for me as this may be my catch up day. Basically Constantine is the one show I am praying, praying doesn’t suck because I am really looking forward to a decent Hellblazer incarnation.

And that is my tv schedule until November. We will discuss the Midseason shows like iZombie and Agent Carter when we get closer. All I am saying is thank god for DVRs.

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