Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Loot Crate: Dragons

I am new to the world of monthly subscription boxes. I was struggling to find a unique anniversary gift for the mister and after looking at all of the goodies on Lootcrate decided to give it a go. I am glad we did. A Couple of weeks ago I spoke about our March crate which was full of Attack on Titan and Titanfall goodness. This month’s theme was Dragon and I was excited as we had been spoiled that Game of Thrones items may be involved.

Early last week I came home to find the little package waiting in our mailbox. E had had a fairly hard day and this was the perfect little pick me up. Photo taking apparatus in hand we went out onto the porch and E was happy to document his looting experience. This is what happened.

Look at the box isn’t it so pretty? Such a lovely box of goodies. The moment you open it up you cannot help but squee just a little. I love surprises. So does E.

The first thing you notice is the booklet that comes with every happy curated box. In this issue you learn a bit more about the things within the box as well as the curated theme. I seriously love the art. Cute little dragon sitting on the Throne of Loot. You know good things are going to be behind that little book.
I am the Dragon's Daughter

** Game of Thrones Mini: I was excited about this more than E as I am a big ASOIAF fan. Though I am not totally caught up on the tv series, I was happy. And look its Dany! I was kind of hoping for this one or a dire wolf or one of the dragons, so pleased as punch. I think I am going to steal her away and take Daenerys with us when we do all of our traveling this summer and take photos with her. I like the Funko vinyl figures. Actually I like vinyl figures period (I have a ton of the Doctor Who mystery ones that Titan did) and she is a worthy addition to our collection.

** Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure: An exclusive figure from Bethesda and Symbiote, this is for Lootcraters only. Yea exclusives. The Nord aka cute little two inch Dragonborn in my head comes with a detachable helmet and weapons. E and I like both of the vinyl figures as they are not necessarily something we would buy at the store, but ones that we would love to add to our nerdy collections. Also E thought it was hilarious that the Dany figure’s box claimed it was not a toy because by the end of the unboxing Daenerys and The Nord are now married and The Nord has to take care of the little ones while Mother goes to war.

 *** D20 Stress Die: E liked this one probably because he is excited that he gets to DM the new Tabletop 101 group I am starting for the Geek Girl Adventure Group. But also because April is National Stress Awareness Month (we have stress, of this we are aware) and who doesn’t need more stress toys. Especially nerdy stress toys (I have an adipose one at work).

Wonder if it tastes like chicken
***Dragon Jerky: Fus Ro Yum: We haven’t tried it yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Cute packaging.

*** Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner: Again, it fits with the theme and totally adorable. E might stick it to his phone case or at least keep it nearby for cleaning after we play to much Doctor Who Legacy and Disco Zoo. It will come in handy as our screens are always a mess.

***D20 Die, Dragon Slayer Dog Tag & Collectible Pin: The Collectible Pin has come with every crate we have received thus far and they are a nice little addition. The D20 will be used tomorrow night no doubt and the Dog Tag is probably the least useful item in the crate but again I am happy that it still was Dragon related.

The happy couple. Ready for war.

So for an exchange of $13.37 + $6 shipping, we got chock full of dragon goodness. I am estimating about $35 worth of goodies though again you had exclusives so that is hard to put a price on. So far we have been very happy about our loot crates. The mini magazines have been great and I love the central theme around each of the boxes. There are also perks to being a looter. You get entered into a raffle every month for a Mega Crate which has up to $1000 worth of amazing items. We are crossing our fingers. What’s you think of this month’s Loot Crate if you are a nerdy looter like we are? If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here. You can use the code “MAYLOOT” to save $3 off your first box.

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