Sunday, March 16, 2014


I have been spending a lot of time around assassins lately: Been playing an assassin in my video game life (Assassins Creed 2), figuring out to off people in my table top world (Machine of Death) and watching a lot of Chuck in which there are bound to be many assassins. So this week I decided to do my 7 Favorite Assassins from Film and Fiction. But then I had to break it down into two parts (male and female) because there were too many great choices and I really don’t any of them to pop out of the fictional universe and come and kill me. Ladies are first .

Nikita (La Femme Nikita): Whether she is played by Anne Parillaud, Bridget Fonda, Peta Wilson, or Maggie Q, this lady is a badass. Their stories are their own, but similar in that Nikita was once a troubled young woman who is trained to be a super assassin. She does her best not to lose her humanity and tries so hard to live a normal life, but being an assassin is never easy. Whether you are a fan of the original or even the tv versions, Nikita is always one of my favorites.

Hanna (Hanna): In Joe Wright’s 2011 film, Saoirse Ronan plays our title character Hanna who has been raised to do one thing, kill the intelligence agent responsible for her mother’s death and for tinkering with her genes in the first place. It was this film that made me convinced Saoirse would make a great Katniss Everdeen. But also she is a great actor and I look forward to her projects.

Fox (Wanted): Angelina has played a couple of assassins, but I think I like Fox best, though I cannot deny her awesomeness in Mr & Mrs Smith and Salt. But she was awesome in Wanted. Fox is loyal to a fault, truly believing that the Fraternity is doing good in the world. She is sexy, bad ass, and I want some of her guns.

Elektra (Marvel): Elektra Natchios is a kumoichi or female assassin who wields a pair of bladed sai. She has been the love interest of superhero Daredevil, had her own movie starring Jennifer Garner and died quite a few times. Sometimes she is a member of the Hand, sometimes she works for SHIELD, but she is always badass with her sais and trademark red satin.

Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill): Part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, Beatrix was betrayed and took a bullet to the head. When she wakes up she has one thing on her mind, destroy those who took her life from her. And she is really damn good at it. Sword, gun….doesn’t matter, she will kill you with what she has on hand. It won’t be pretty for you. Just ask the Crazy 88s.

Miho (Sin City): Miho is an Enforcer and Defender of Old Town and often referred to as Deadly Little Miho. She is a mute female assassin who owes a debt to Dwight, but is quite adept at taking care of herself and others on her own.

Flying Snow (Hero): In the movie Hero, Flying Snow and her lover Broken Sword are the only assassins who have ever infiltrated the King’s palace killing hundreds of guards all by their lonesome. She is deadly to the point that Broken Sword considers her his near equal while the hero Nameless considers her his equal. While her story is ultimately tragic she is a gorgeous assassin.

Honorable Mentions: Mei (House of Flying Daggers), Black Widow (Marvel), Talia (Batman, DC), and Sydney Bristow (Alias).


Barry Shaffner said...

Perfect picks. The latest Nikita series ended really well in my opinion. It was satisfying for me the way they resolved that long running feud with Amanda.

Hanna is an awesome movie.

Zoe Salanda plays an assassin worthy of mention in Columbiana, and Haywire has a pretty good one as well.

Smirking Revenge said...

I liked Haywire a lot and Columbiana was meant be a sequel to Leon the Professional with Natalie Portman's character all grown up, though obviously they changed things a bit. There are some awesome female assassins out there, it was hard to choose.