Wednesday, January 15, 2014


As I look at all of the fantastic cosplay that showed up this past year and realize how jealous I am of my friend Lada being able to go to so many cons in 2014 (as I live vicariously through her pics of her various costumes), I again started thinking about wardrobes. If I was an amazingly talented seamstress and had the time and money to really recreate a characters look, whose would I choose to recreate? Of course, as always, everything would magically be tailored for you and you would look wicked amazing. Here are my top five choices for what I would cosplay. What are yours?

Tank Girl (Tank Girl) Tank is awesome. She is snarky, bad ass and her wardrobe is a jumble of things, but that is why I like it. She has had many looks and each would be fun. I think the great thing about this costume is as long as you have a few iconic pieces you can kind of do your own thing with this costume.

Valkyrie (Marvel) Have you seen the new Fearless Defenders comics? I love the way that Valkyrie looks right now. Really really love the way she looks. Still sexy, hella powerful and you have to admit it would be a fun costume to make.

The Strangers Anyone who has seen this movie knows how utterly creepy a simple mask can be. I would love to get two of my friends together and we each take a character and scare the bejeezus out of people for Halloween. Granted this means they have to have seen the film, and yet I think even without seeing it the creep factor would be fairly high.

River Tam (Firefly) She can kill you with her brain and she is awesome. I love River. She is bad ass, girly, quirky and I love her to pieces. When I think of dressing up as someone I would like to be (short of that whole experimentation thing) she is in my top five. Would be a fairly simple costume to make as well.

Courtesan (Dangerous Beauty) For those who know me Courtesans fascinate me and one of the films I really dig is called Dangerous Beauty. The costumes in that film are to die for and I kind of want reproductions of them all. If I had the time and the patience I would try and redo one of them.

Runners Up Include: Duchess Dalek, Female Gambit, Steampunk Tinkerbell, and Scarlet Witch (Mad Men Style)

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Barry Shaffner said...

I have to think of costumes that fit body type for me. I did a green lantern and it was simple. My Green Arrow was a mix of Classic and Smallville with me a s an older version. Now the younger dude kinda sucks the fun out of it. I worked, but fell short of making a Phantom Stranger costume. I like that he is Judas and that makes the story really neat for me personally. I will attempt to get it done this year.