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The mister and I were discussing our zombie apocalypse team when inevitably someone puts up the meme that is all about birth month, birth day, etc. and it asks if you survive or not. So we started thinking about what our teams would be if we could choose. So these are my picks for my team with the general archetypes. So usually your team includes the following: The Team Leader, the Brains, The Gun, The Blade, the Medic, The Brawler, The Humor and the Survivalist. I am, however, adding The Tech Expert, The Kid (there is always one), The Best Friend and the Potential Love Interest. Oh and we are all piling into Dead Reckoning from Land of the Dead. So I ask who would yours be? This time we are dealing with those from film and TV and we’re trying to stay realistic so no Hulk or Buffy as they would be on my team as well. *grin* Please share and I will post your link to your answers.

So I figure I need some nice sympathetic bad asses to be on my team that way they don’t just leave at a mall to get eaten.

 The Team Leader: Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly) Sorry Rick, but I am going with Mal and here is why. He’s Mal. He’s fought in a war, knows what it is like to be on the greyer side of things and not afraid to do so which will be important and one big damn hero despite it all. He protects those he cares about and hopefully that will be me and my bad ass crew. Plus inspiring as all hell and aren’t zombies kind of like Reavers? And maybe he will say Inara who?

The Brains: Michael Weston (Burn Notice) At first I was thinking Macgyver, but then he had the guns are bad thing and well we might need that in a pinch so I am going with Michael. Being a former spy means he is good at killing the bad guys and in this case its zombies. Plus he’s kind of like Macgyver in the way he can improvise bombs, communication devices, etc.

The Gun: Nikita (La Femme Nikita) I chose Nikita because I needed more gals to survive with. I also like the idea of my weapons experts being women for some reason. The great thing about Nikita is she is from the streets so she has our street smarts, she was an assassin so all things killing she has in the bag and is a fairly decent sniper. I figure she would be a good teacher as well which I would need since she was great with Alex.

The Blade: Michonne (Walking Dead) Of course Micchone from Walking Dead is the easy answer and let’s face it she is tres tres badass. It was either her or the Bride from Kill Bill. The one thing I like about TV Micchone is how efficient she is, but also how helpful she is. In that hopefully she won’t leave me to die. Plus girl power.

The Medic: Anne Glass (Falling Skies) Before the war with aliens...I mean zombies, she was a pediatrician, but she is combat ready which sometimes you need to be when the zombie apocalypse happens. She is great with knowing that certain meds can help with certain ailments not for their designed use, is great when it comes to improvisation and being a pediatrician she probably has great bedside manner.

The Brawler: Elliott (Leverage) Elliott used to be a soldier and is quite good in hand to hand combat. I like having someone who is versatile ala Jason Bourne. Someone who knows all of our exits and isn’t afraid to go melee on the undead. He’s done merc work, kind of got the hero thing going on and would probably work well with my team.

The Humor: Tallahassee (Zombieland) I know I am defaulting to another obvious, but can you blame me. Played by Woody Harrelson in the film, he’s funny, knows how to keep the humor and to enjoy the little things as much as he is great at killing zombies. We just need to make sure there are Twinkies.

The Tech Expert: Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13) Having another geek girl would be great, especially one who is as snarky as I am. I chose Claudia because she is a hacker and could be useful when trying to work computer systems, but she is also great at tech in general and is often piecing together different electronics and artifacts to her advantage. Did I mention she has a wicked wardrobe and probably has her zombie escape plan already set. Surprise, I’m in it.

The Kid: Rue (The Hunger Games) When the zombie apocalypse happens we need someone who can hide and Rue is really really good at hiding. Plus she is small (great for getting into small spaces), but more importantly someone to live for. There is always a kid involved, someone who we need to keep fighting for and protecting, our little bastion of hope. Rue would probably be it. Plus she is so cute. I couldn’t let her brains be eaten.

The Survivalist: Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead) yep another gimme, but I couldn’t choose Les Stroud. Having someone who is an archer could come in handy in a pinch, but the reason I like Daryl is he is not afraid to be a bit of the bad guy in order to protect the group. At his core he is a hero and one that will keep us from starving with his ability to shoot squirrels or anything else that happens to be about and sometimes that is what you need to do for survival.

The Best Friend: Sydney Bristow (Alias) Everyone needs a best friend that goes with them and who better than my unassuming friend who works at a bank (aka spy). When it comes to disaster she has a clear head, knows what to do and is pretty bad ass. But the great thing about Sydney is she is just a nice girl, totally friend material and would protect me from being bitten. And I am going to need that.

Potential Love Interest: Riley Denbo (Land of the Dead) Simon Baker’s character is not only great to look at it, but he created Dead Reckoning and will keep it running. He is the guy who helped those who couldn’t help themselves, knows his way around zombies and thinks fast. Granted he is back up just in case Mal doesn’t work out.

So who has your back?  By the way on my team I would be the cook and the mental health person.  Also possibly our linguist with the whole French, Spanish and Gaelic thing. We could use that right?

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Summer said...

Oooh. Good choices. I hope to have mine up later this week. (I am grabbing some characters with slightly unrealistic powers though...)

My friend and I got into a HUGE twitter debate yesterday about it, and now we have to meet tonight to hash it out in person...