Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Bar Fight Buddies.

Who would you want to have your back in a bar fight and who would you want to share a pint with after it was all said and done. So I ask who would yours be? At first I was going to go with video game characters as this is completely inspired by an Indoor Kids podcast, but then I thought who my top five would be from film and fiction, videogames and anything else

River Tam (Firefly) Umm, she can kill you with her brain. That should be enough. So why Miss Tam? Cause she’s a badass, is odd and I like that, would be fun to have a beer after everyone was sobbing on the floor and if she can trick Badger, maybe not even get us into a fight in the first place.

Spike (Buffy) If I had my choice I would have chosen most of the crew of Serenity, but that didn’t seem fair. Not when you can have some snarky love in the form of one Billy Idol looking non sparkly vampire. Spike is also a bad ass, may not play fair which let’s face it is sometimes necessary and he can definitely share a beer or more once it is all over.

Wong (Drunken Master) So the great thing about Wong in this film is that he looks harmless and drunk, so when he busts out the moves in a barfight no one will be expecting it. Plus Wong is a nice guy in the film. He is funny, probably happy to share a pint before and after and I have a total soft spot for Jackie Chan films.

Wolverine (X-men) So having a guy that looks like Hugh Jackman to share a beer with is always a plus in the whoo that is a great idea column. And also having someone who is basically immortal, kind of goes into berserker mode and also has steel claws might be worth having on my side when it came down to a bar fight. Did I mention he’s Hugh Jackman shaped?

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace (Battlestar Galactica) I like Kara. She is snarky. She is fun. And while she is probably the whole reason we got into said bar fight, she is one I would like to have in my corner. She would certainly make the fight fun. I think she and Spike would get along famously, maybe we can all play some Triad as everyone limps away.

Allright kids, who would you bring with you to a bar fight?


Barry Shaffner said...

Ben Grimm, The Thing. He could drink and I would not.....could this also be a meal since I don't drink? Ben is just cool and in a bar fight would be awesome.

Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage. These two are just great in a fight. Plus, oh my would it not be an interesting night.

Lara Croft. Yeah, I have a geek crush on this British relic recovery specialist.

Plenty more, like the Serenity crew and I would raise you the cast of Castle.

Summer said...

Woah. I would do my own, but I don't think I could top this list. This is EXACTLY who I want in a bar fight with me! Maybe River Song instead of River Tam, but that's just cause I think the pre-fight drinking would be more fun with her!

Smirking Revenge said...

Barry: ooh the Thing would be a good call.

Summer: River Song would be a great bar friend. Lots of Spoilers involved. *smile*