Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I love Wednesday: ME3

Last May after E and I had been dating for a couple of months he introduced me to a little thing thing called the Mass Effect series, but more importantly the multi-player side of ME3.  Now I have been a girl gamer for a while, but I have always been into more of the single player hack and slash RPG sort of thing...first person shooters, not my thing for the most part.  And multi-player first person shooters definitely not my cup of tea.  Call it a bad experience with HALO PvP when I was still learning the ropes with FPS games.  Frankly it left a very bad taste in my mouth and it took some convincing before I was willing to try out the ME3 multi-player.  E can be very convincing and I am a good girly geek.

Now I am a fan of Bioware in general.  Baldur's Gate and Knights of the Old Republic were some of my faves on the old Xbox. And more recently both of the Dragon Age games made me quite giddy.  But instead of going the 360 route, I went PS3, so never really played the Mass Effect series until now.  So E sat me in front of his tv while he used his second system and his computer and together we had a date night in with the multi-player.  And I was hooked.  Sure, I sucked big time, but this multi-player was cooperative.  I still felt like a total noob but there wasn't anyone ruining my gaming experience with trash talk or constantly beating my character until I got frustrated and quit (What can I say I am competitive and sort of get cranky when I am constantly getting pwnd before I can learn to be a better player, plus as girl with a girl moniker you kind of either get the 'hey are you hot?', 'rock on' or 'girls shouldn't play games, see how manly I am by constantly making your game experience sucky').  I chose an engineer that night, a nice defensive character with a drone who is now affectionately known as BOB and two space magic abilities.  I knew nothing of the story or the villains as I hadn't played the games yet, but I didn't care.  This was fun. E and I were having a blast on our date nights in and I was a total boss with my geth shotgun...not sure how or why, but I was.

Plus I got better, still am getting better. I did so fairly quickly.  Beginners luck?  Or maybe the gamer girl who always wanted to shoot a lot of things finally got to do the very thing she always wanted to do.  Now ducking for cover...still not good at that.  The more I played though the better weapons or more characters I unlocked.  There were also weekend challenges we would do together to get special packs of these new weapons or characters.  Since I have started playing there have been new characters, new weapons, new maps, new villains and I didn't have to pay for any of the DLC.

Bioware is kind of ingenious that way instead of paying for all of this new content, instead I spent movie on point cards to get more weapon packs even though you earn throughout your game play.  They earned even more shiny gold stars a few months ago when they came out with a new challenge system.  My competitive goddess was filled with warm fuzzies.  I now have challenges to complete, such as use all of my tech powers, to earn shiny banners which I can proudly display in the multi-player lobby. Its basically a gamer score and right now mine is much bigger than E's and most of the men I play with.  Love that feeling.

My favorite characters to play are the adepts and the sentinels now, though my engineers are always my fall back plan.  And pistols are becoming a favorite weapon though I have much love for my Indra and Harrier.  For some reason I am not getting bored either.  There are always new people to play with and get to know, new ways of playing, new characters to play with and new levels of difficulty.

I am still playing through (very slowly) the single player games.  E insisted I begin with one and work my way up to 3 since so many of the decisions you make can change the way the other games are played.  I am on 2 right now and have become very attached to the Normandy, my space hamster and Garrus and Jack.  Plus I am in love with trying to figure out all of the plot points based on what I know from the ME3 multi-player and E has been ever so good about not spoiling me (thanks honey).  It is an awesome game series and the multi-player is amazingly good fun.  If you get a chance, ask me and you can look up my gamer tag and we can go and save the universe together.

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