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The coming Spring (though for me that means May), means a new wardrobe for me in the fact that I love sales and a chance to bring out all of my girly girl stuff after a long winter of jeans and sweaters. And so Hailey and I sat down and started thinking if we could have a tv character’s wardrobe, which ones would we have.Now mind you this means that all of the outfits are your size, not the size of the actor/actress. Here are my top seven. Thank you to Polyvore for all of its wardrobe collections and to the fans out there who apparently thought about this as much as I did.


NUMBER ONE: Inara Serra // Firefly
She is a courtesan of the highest quality, a companion that is kind of the epitome of girly girl.  And I love it.  Sleek lines, flowing fabrics, intensely feminine…seriously who wouldn’t want her closet.  I think it helps that I really love her character as well and I love Joss intensely for creating her. One of my favorite things about her wardrobe is the different influences.  We have seen her wear India inspired clothing, Spanish and Greek influenced dresses.  I have seen her in silks and lace and she has plenty of shawls which I adore as well.  If I was going to go full on girly girl, I would need Inara’s wardrobe.  Plus one thing I loved about the series is she wore the same outfit more than once, just with different accessories. Inara polyvore by Sophie Sheppard. 

White Collar: Neal & Sara

NUMBER TWO: Sara Ellis // White Collar
I love Sara from White Collar.  Again a very girly girl sort of wardrobe, Sara has the sort of wardrobe I wish I could afford right now, of course I also wish I had her job and her some time honey Neal Caffrey. She has expensive tastes and her clothes reflect that.  One thing I absolutely love is her necklines.  I know it sounds weird but a nice neckline or a bad one at that, can make or break a dress. And her shoes.  Oh how I love her shoes.  And did I mention Neal.  Always works well as an accessory.  Lovely Neal and Sara polyvore by Tinabop613.  Did I mention those shoes?

Pushing Daisies

NUMBER THREE:  Charlotte "Chuck" Charles // Pushing Daisies
Chuck and Pushing Daisies are still two of my favorite things.  I think one thing I love about Chuck's wardrobe is the throwback to a different era.  Definitely a lot of styles from the 50's and 60's, but I love that.  I love the flowy skirts, the fun bright prints and tons of flowers.  Apparently I am all about the girly girl styles.  I am a girly geek after all.  Plus I love the bee love, reminds me of my mum. Chuck polyvore by butterflyinterlude. 

Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White.
NUMBER FOUR: Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White // Once Upon a Time
Now here is where my modern girly girl and my fantasy girly girl get all warm and fuzzy.  I get the best of both worlds with her wardrobe.  I get the fun, romantic and feminine modern wardrobe that is actually closer to my own wardrobe and then I have Snow White wardrobe that is full of princess styles and something straight out of a renaissance festival.  How cool would that be. As far as her modern wardrobe goes its school teacher chic, cardigans, skirts, bows and flowers, something you would picture a modern Snow White to wear. Snow White polyvore by j-e-d-i

[4] Fictional Females - Sydney Bristow - Alias

NUMBER FIVE: Sydney Bristow // Alias
Spy chic Sydney has an amazing wardrobe.  Why?  Because she played a different character every week.  Even in the first episode she had the trademark red wig, an amazing lingerie collection throughout the series and as a Gemini and can envy and admire that since if possible I would change my look every other day.  Sydney polyvore by fleurdelys.

The New Girl
NUMBER SIX: Jess Day // New Girl
I love Jess.  Cause Jess is me but with a better wardrobe although she doesnt play video games or read comics as much as I do.  But quirky is me and Jess is definitely quirky.  I love her style because she has worn jeans just as much as she wears dresses or skirts that are full of fun colors or polka dots. Its the hipster school teacher look and I cant help but love it. I'd be okay with being called adorkable.

"Downton Abbey" ~ Episode 3 ~ The Roaring 20's
NUMBER SEVEN: Lady Mary Crowley // Downton Abbey
I just love the style.  Gloves for dinner, sleek lines, fun hats and an elegance that I do not yet in my closet.  Admittedly while an amazing wardrobe, I would have to start dragging E to operas and such just to wear all of it.  Mary polyvore by victorianheaven

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Charlotte // Sex and the City, Rachel // Glee (more so this season), Parker // Leverage, Lily // HIMYM, Buffy // BtVS and Melinda Gordon // Ghost Whisperer (can I have her boudoir, Seriously love all of her nightgowns and lingerie)

So who would your fashion favorites be?

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