Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Trailers: Snow White

While it is still hard for me to suspend my disbelief that Kristen Stewart is more fair than Charlize frakking Theron, this looks like such a pretty film. And I am also a sucker for anything fairytale. One to watch this summer I am afraid. What do you think?


BDS said...

Is it creepy that part of me was cheering the Queen on. It will be hard to see Kristen Stewart as the heroine because I have her as the Twilight gal, but I will give it a look. It does have the original horror elements in it and Charlize Theron looks awesome and very commanding as the Queen

Smirking Revenge said...

I agree BDS, Kristen Stewart fairer than Charlize.... and yet it does look pretty sweet. Far better than Tarsem Singh's Snow White coming out with Julia Roberts. I am just a sucker for fairy tales. It is why I am hopelessly hooked on Once Upon A Time.