Sunday, February 26, 2012

SUNDAY SEVEN: Fictional Pets

This Sunday Seven I thought we should discuss fictional pets largely as I spent the weekend watching the family dog and cat. It can be from television or books, or movies. It is up to you. Here are my picks.

One: Fezzgig // The Dark Crystal Fezzgig is a little ball of fur and fangs that would be a complete handful, but he is so cute. If you have seen the film, I am sure you will agree. Belonging to Kira, a Gelfling, Fizzgig is pretty much a puppy in the world of the Dark Crystal. He is extremely protective of Kira, sometimes a bit of a coward, but completely adorable. I even have a little doll of him though he came with my 12inch figures of Jen and Kira.

Two: Mouse// Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher: Mouse is a giant mutt that is more than meets than eye and Harry’s dog. Harry first met Mouse in Blood Rites when Harry was hired by a Tibetan Monk to rescue Mouse and the rest of his litter. But Mouse decided to stow away after the rescue and with no way to return him, Harry adopted the puppy which then turned into a huge dog (compared to a Ovecharka Mountain Dog). We later learn that Mouse is a temple dog which is essentially a celestial scion of a Foo Dog. He is only partially mortal and is hella smart, perceptive and has his own supernatural powers. PLus he is extremely loyal to Harry and has saved his life a few times. Who wouldn't want a pony sized dog to be your guardian?

Three: Spike // October Daye series by Seanan McGuire Spike is an adorable little rose goblin from the October Daye series. Described as essentially a cat crossed with a rose bush, Spike became Toby’s when she named it. He doesnt flower but has thorns instead of fur. Another extremely loyal companion, Spike loves car rides, is quite vocal, though Toby cannot understand his chirps and ‘purrs’. He also has his own magic and survives quite well with some sunlight, water and fertilizer.

Four: Bubo // Clash of the Titans I grew up loving Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans. I also really wanted Bubo, the little mechanical owl forged by Hephaestus when Athena cannot give Perseus who treasured companion. He was steampunk before it was cool and completely adorable. Though I suffered through the recent remake, seeing Bubo even for a second made me quite happy.

Five: Ein // Cowboy Bebop He is a corgi. He is also a data dog. And pretty much is awesome. Brought aboard by Spike, Ein is not only uber intelligent and attentive, but he can steer a car, answer the phone, use the SSW, plays shogi and more. In one episode he hacked a computer. Though the crew tends to dismiss him as just a cute little puppy, I wouldn't just like Ed never did. plus did I mention he is a corgi, all stubby legs and all. It would mean he would get lots and lots of cuddles.

Six: Darwin // Seaquest DSV My own personal talking dolphin. I think no explanation other than that is needed. Okay for those of you who don’t know Seaquest, Darwin is just your average dolphin. What makes him special is a translation device that allows him to communicate his thoughts. Bridger brought him to Seaquest after he had befriended him at home and at that time used hand signals to communicate. While technically Darwin cant really talk, but rather the vocoder transmits simple ideas (“the dark” is death), he is still fairly awesome and treated like a member of the crew rather than a pet.

Seven: Guenhwyvar // Drizzt seies by RA Salvatore Guen is a magical black panther that Drizzt can call from the Astral Plane after he acquires her artifact (a black onyx figurine). Drizzt has never wanted Guen to be used for evil and he summons her quite often as she not only helps him in battle, but she is his companion. Who wouldn't want a loyal giant shadow panther?

Honorable Mentions Scooby Doo, Hedwig // Harry Potter, Podo and Codo // The ferrets from Beastmaster, Roberto the Fruit Bat // Christopher Moore’s books, and Falcor the Luck Dragon.

What are your favorite fictional pets?


Tom Badguy said...

Nice list, I'll side with Ein. Cool page, I like it.

BDS said...

Fezzgig and Bubo are two of my favorites as well.

Smirking Revenge said...

Tom: Ein and the rest of the crew are pretty bad ass after all. nice to meet you

BDS: I knew you would side with me. Yeah!

Portland Vet Clinic said...

I really enjoyed your article. More power to you!