Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tis the season for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pecan pie and of course spending time with your family. If yours is anything like mine Thanksgiving can sometimes be mundane and then other times a bit crazy. Now I am lucky I have both my blood family and the family I wasn’t born with (also known as the one you make which is just as important, sometimes more so). But what if we could choose our family from our little geeky imaginations? This week we will deal with real people. Tomorrow we will create a family from our own little geeky universes. Please share and I will post your link to your answer.

1. Grandmother: Helen Mirren
I have such respect for this woman. She is an amazing actress, is witty, intelligent, and would be one of those grandmothers that you would completely bond with and be unafraid to be a bit geeky, a bit snarky and yet she would be one of those grandmothers you would just adore to pieces.

2. Grandfather: Wilford Brimley
The man has a history on top of the whole diabetes thing we are really going to remember him for. He was a bodyguard for Howard Hughes, was an actor, a famer, a blacksmith and even used to ride in the rodeo. Think about the stories you would hear. Plus he played an awesome father figure on television.

3. Big Brother: Joss Whedon Granted growing up with him would mean a good healthy dose of sibling rivalry, but he would be the geeky totally cool brother who would introduce me to comics, make me feel empowered as much as I might get noogies and keep the laughter coming when it came to the holidays. But I would totally smoke him during a snowball fight.

4. Big Sister: Janeane Garafalo Growing up she would make you laugh as much as she would make you think. Its why I heart her. Dinner table conversations would never be boring. Plus she is adorable. I imagine many interesting people would hang with her and therefore I would spy and lamely try to be part of the group as all little sisters would do.

5. Little Brother: Neil Patrick Harris I really don’t have to explain this choice at all do I? He’s the man. Coolest little brother ever.

6. Little Sister: Emma Stone She has such an amazing personality on screen, from Easy A to Crazy Stupid Love. Slumber parties, shopping outings, and geek out girly days would be amazing with her as a little sister.

7. Uncle: Neil Gaiman How cool would the holidays be? He would tell great stories, be able to scare and make you laugh as much as he would make you smile and make you completely excitable. He has a great taste in music and also I need at least one awesome bibliophile as my family member.

8. Aunt: Cate Blanchett She is just awesome in all ways. I have a girly crush on her and she would be the favorite aunt I would hang out with all the time. She also has a great fashion sense. Maybe I would get all of the stuff she didn’t want anymore.

9. The Uncle who is not really the Uncle: Nathan Fillion There is always the family member who really isn’t blood tied to you, but you still call him Uncle. Nathan would be perfect. He’s hilarious, would obviously get along quite well with my older brother and someone I could relate to. He might also make the turkey do a little dance.

10. Date: Ryan Reynolds One: He’s adorable. Two: He is sweet, self-deprecating and extremely funny and talented. Three: He’s tall which means I could wear those kitten heels and not feel like Nicole Kidman did with Tom Cruise. Four: There’s that whole snogging under the mistletoe thing.

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