Thursday, November 24, 2011

THURSDAY CRUSH: Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick There is something about Chris Hardwick that makes my girly geek all warm and fuzzy. For those of you who are Doctor Who fans or Walking Dead fans, Chris Hardwick is kind of a big geek about both of them. Yes he hosts shows about both of them, but you know at the core he really is a giant fanboy. And a fangirl such as myself cannot help but find that attractive. Also he isn’t bad on the eyes.

I first remember seeing him when he hosted MTV’s Singled Out. He was adorable funny and just a little bit of a nerd. Then of course there was Web Soup on G4, his commentary on the I Love the… on VH1 and of course seeing him in shows like CSI or movies like Halloween 2. As a fan of Wired Magazine I have read a few of his articles as well. Last year he re-entered Smirking’s radar when he was on Craig Ferguson for Craig’s Doctor Who special and I genuinely discovered how much of an adorable little geek he was. Then he started appearing on shows about Doctor Who and zombies. Of course now I love him on the Talking Dead talk show which airs after the Walking Dead every Sunday.

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