Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sunday Seven: Vampires in TV

While I am not a huge True Blood fan (because I love the Sookie Stackhouse series of books and I hate how the orgy it up far too much in the tv show, but I guess you can enjoy both just on different levels), I still watch it simply because it has vampires in it and me and vampires are kind of like me and zombies. We're close. Anyway, vampires = yeah and there have been quite a few representations on tv. Here are seven of my favorite male bloodsuckers.

1. & 2. Spike and Angel(Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel): I adore the boys. Spike, for his snark and to die for cheekbones and hipbones and...because we really got to see his character grow and develop for the non shallow bits. And Angel, because he's the good guy, the hero and also not hard to look at. Joss Whedon created two amazing characters in these two vamps and I kind of heart them.

3. Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties): Played by Kyle Schmid in the sadly short lived tv series Blood Ties based off of Tanya Huff's books, Henry Fitzroy was the bastard son of Henry the VIII who became a vampire. In the books he writes romance novels, in the series he writes graphic novels. Either way Henry is a great character and I love his relationship with Vicki.

4. Julian Luna (Kindred: The Embraces): Julian Luna, Ventrue Prince of San Francisco. Part of the also short lived (why are all the vamp shows short lived?) series Kindred: The Embraced which was based off of the World of Darkness Vampire: the Masquerade role playing game. Julian was elegant and intelligent, loving and yet unafraid to play the role of bad guy. I think what made him interesting was how much he clung to what was left of his humanity. A highly likable character, its sad that I didnt get to know more about his story.

5. Nick Knight (Forever Knight): Geraint Wyn Davies starred Nick Knight, a vampire who was over 800 years old. Wracked with guilt for his bloody past, Nick not only worked as a police detective helping others, but he spent a good deal of time trying to find a way to become human again. Forever Knight was one of those late night syndicated shows from the early 90's but I loved it. Still have the DVDs. Ooh I should rewatch.

6. John Mitchell (Being Human): Played by the lovely Aidan Turner, Mitchell was once a hero in the vampire community, arrogant and deadly. But like most of my choices he had a good deal of guilt and tried to change his ways. Now living with a werewolf and a ghost, Mitchell works as a hospital porter. He is softspoken and calm, and one of my favorites on the show. I hope they don't ruin him with the USA remake on Syfy.

7. Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows): My list would be sad if I didn't have Barnabas Collins. Looking for his lost love Josette, Barnabas was the perfect soap opera vampire. He was cunning, manipulative, but also could be kind. Cannot wait to see Johnny Depp put on the fangs for him in Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows next year.

Honorable Mentions: Mick St. John and Josef Kostan (Moonlight), Eric Northman and Bill Compton(True Blood), Daedalus (Kindred the Embraced)

Do you have your own list to share, let me know and I will post it.

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Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Love your list! Esp. # 3 Henry Fitzroy! Digging your blog too! Will stop by again! ;)