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Its Part Two of the geeky couples. This week we are tackling television. Now there have been a lot of tv couples that have made me smile, but these are seven of my favorite. Did I miss anyone you thought should be on this list? Who are your favorites?

Zoe/ Wash (Firefly)
“We’ll be in our bunk.” - Wash
Hoban "Wash" Washburne and Zoe Alleyne are my favorite Browncoat couple (sorry Mal and Inara). Seriously they are the cutest couple in all the verse. She is a tough, independent warrior woman and he is a goofy too nice for his own good pilot. Zoe may not have fallen for her future husband at first sight, but when she did they both fell hard. They were completely believable, down to earth, loving, teasing…sigh. They were so damn adorable. Sniff.

Sarah/Chuck (Chuck)
“Chuck, you’re a gift. You’re a gift I never dreamed I could want or need, and every day, I will show you that you’re a gift that I deserve. You make me the best person I could ever hope to be, and I want to spend and learn and love the rest of my life with you.” – Sarah
The geek fell for the spy and the spy fell right back. E and I haven’t quite finished the series, but I root for Sarah and Chuck every episode. They are believable. They make me smile and when they interact you can see happily ever after. Aww, need to go finish the series now.

John/Aeryn (Farscape)
“There is no home. There is no wormhole. There’s only you. Aeryn, anywhere in the universe. You pick the planet.” – John
There can be no one but each other for these two badasses. They fell in love, they blew stuff up, and even dressed alike (it’s the leather). They were an unlikely couple, but one we knew would happen from the start. They made us laugh and cry and smile and squee just a little bit. They went through a lot and when they look at each other I cannot help but melt.

The Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
“I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you... if you want." – The Doctor
When the Doctor met Rose something changed. The attraction was there between the shopgirl and the Time Lord. As we watched their adventures and flirting, we loved their sense of adventure. They tackled all of space and time together never verbally saying what they both felt, but we knew….oh we knew. When The Doctor is separated into a Time Lord and human self, the human self wants to spend his days with Rose (who is stuck and unable to return with the Time Lord). I will hold onto the notion that the human Doctor and Rose spent a lifetime of happy memories together, but we know that it left Our Doctor with two broken hearts. Me too. How can the sort of fairytale be so sad?

Fox Mulder/Dana Scully (The X-Files)
"Scully, I was like you once — I didn't know who to trust. Then I... I chose another path... another life, another fate, where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You... were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant... my touchstone." - Mulder
"And you are mine." - Scully
I spent nine seasons watching them fall for one another. They are *the* geeky tv couple. Mulder was obsessed with all things paranormal, Scully was the skeptic forced to work with him. But together they searched for the truth. Both had trust issues and as friends eventually became lovers I was happy to say “About time”.

Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)
“You can't touch me.” - Ned
“So a kiss is out of the question?” - Chuck
“I just lost my train of thought. “ - Ned
Ned has the ability to reanimate the dead with a touch. Neat, huh. But there is always a cost. When Ned resurrects his mother after she dies of an aneurysm, he accidently causes the death of his childhood sweetheart Chuck’s father. Even worse his mother dies for the second time (and permanently so) when she kisses him goodnight. Years later Ned becomes a pie-maker and partner to a detective. When he sees Chuck’s body he revives her unable to allow her to stay dead with a second touch. Ned and Chuck fall in love again. Sure there is that whole touch barrier, but they find ways around it. They are another couple that was destined to be together and even death can’t keep them apart. Not permanently anyway.

Marshall/Lily (How I Met Your Mother)
“Oh, you know what we should do? We should come up with a whole new last name.” – Lily
“Oh, that's easy: Lily and Marshall Skywalker.” – Marshall
When I think of a couple that reminds me of the couple I’d most to be like, I think of Marshall and Lily. They are nerdy, snarky, loving, and have a relationship that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. They have been together since college and have been through a lot, but they work in every single way. Hilarious parents, good friends, and a couple who doesn’t really want to grow up (because what does that mean anyway), I dig them.

Honorable Mentions: Jack/Ianto (Torchwood), Worf/Jadzia Dax (Deep Space Nine), Apollo/Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica), Buffy/Angel (Buffy), Willow/Tara (Buffy), Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World), Lois & Clark, and Xena & Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)

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