Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye to LOST

I heart JJ Abrams. From Alias, to Fringe, to the new Star Trek reboot, how can you not heart him just a bit. I was a big fan of Alias, so when JJ had a new show about a bunch of people marooned on a deserted island, I thought hey why not. I was hooked early on. I liked the characters. I liked the story and I liked how every week there were just as many questions as there were answers. I was the geeky girl who poured over fake websites looking for clues and who every week had a mini LOST party with my best friend Paul. I would have the weekly Smirking’s crazy LOST theories that I would discuss with my fellow LOSTies. I bought the puzzles, Bad Twin and squeed happily when Desmond and Penny were reunited.

It has been a great six years and it is sad to see it go. Of course it has been one hell of a ride from polar bears in the jungle to smoke monsters to…what the frak moments. LOST has been a show that has layer upon layer of new hidden little goodies. It has been a show about faith and redemption, good versus evil, of free will versus destiny, love, death, rebirth, survival and faith versus science. We had a doctor, a mother, a man who was paralyzed and now found the ability to talk. There was a washed up rock star, a con man and one pretty fugitive. They were characters you connected with, characters you hated and loved and wondered how they all fit together somehow. I loved the show because it was not like every other show. It wasn’t a CSI clone or a courtroom drama. It was something else.

Every season it reinvented itself. We had the survival aspect mixed with the what the hell is the forest (have they crashed on Jurassic Park perhaps), then it was our LOSTies versus the Others, a science geektacular overload, a will they get off the island and then just because they did it doesn’t mean it is over. Being killed on the island never meant that we would never see you again though it didn’t mean your loss or sacrifice didn’t have an impact.

Thanks to LOST I think I say ‘dude’ way too often. I realized Matthew Fox is still hot after Party of Five, that four toed statues are in vogue, Richard really is that purty, Vincent the wondermutt is made of awesome, science is cool and that stupid Driveshaft song really gets stuck in your head if you let it. I learned that despite all of the mysteries of the show it has been about people, what drives us, what scares us and what makes us human. I discovered I wanted to learn how to play backgammon, to travel more and find a crazy crazy love like Penny/Desmond, Rose/Bernard or Jin/Sun have.

I know that not all of my questions will be answered by the end of tonight. I know not everyone will be satisfied, probably not even me but tonight we’ll be drinking the Dharma cola, have (Jack) Sheperd’s pie and enjoying every last minute. We’ll have our island cake, watch Kimmel afterwards and remember all of those great moments that had us hooked from the start.

So thank you LOST. It’s been wicked. I know I will miss you, but it’s been swell. Ciao.

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