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30 Days of Night: Eternal Damnation

30 Days of Night: Eternal Damnation
Written by: Steve Niles and Jeff Mariotte
Softcover: 336 pages
Publisher: PocketStar
Language: English
July 2008, $7.99
Genre: Graphic Novel Tie-in/Horror/Urban Fantasy

Raising the stakes in an already perilous situation, the elite members of a clandestine government sect have taken it upon themselves to become the arbiters of pain and violence against one of the most terrifying forces humanity has ever encountered. But there will be a heavy -- and horrifying -- final price to pay for both sides of an inhuman struggle that now threatens to spill over into an unsuspecting world....


30 Days of Night was an intriguing graphic novel when I first read it because vampires were predators. They weren’t broody, they didn’t sparkle, and they sure as hell didn’t see you as anything other then a meal. They were dangerous and they were scary and I loved it. I read a couple more of the graphic novels, but I never read any of the tie-ins until I picked this up at a library used book sale with the boy.

I wasn’t wholly impressed. Maybe it was because this is the third tie in and I am missing a whole lot. Maybe it was the prose which was lackluster at best. Or maybe it was because there seemed to be more character development in the graphic novels, yes the ones with the pretty pictures and only a smidgen of dialogue. Maybe it would have helped if I hadn’t just jumped into the middle of the story, but it seemed like a lot of the characters that should have been important, plot lines that should have taken center stage were just pushed aside.

Things I loved: I would like to say I liked the vampire parts, but meh. Some of the mythology is interesting when it comes to bites, hybrids and the powers of one very old dame, but I wanted more. I just felt a bit rushed throughout everything and the few places I wanted them to slow it down a bit, those were the places that were rushed through.

Things I didn't love so much: The prose. The plot. The fact that I saw tons of possibilities with plotlines and character development that kind of went a whole lot of nowhere. Which is sad because you see potential and then you see it careen off into either a brick wall or a place you really were hoping it wouldn’t go because you had seen that done that already. Shame really.

Buy or Borrow: Borrow, but only if you are curious to see how 30 Days of Night continues or perhaps you had read the others.

Part of:a series.

Also Recommended: 30 Days of Night the graphic novel series by Steve Niles or perhaps The Shadow Saga by Christopher Golden.

1.75 out of 4 happy bibliosnark bookmarks

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