Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ex Machina Volume 3

Ex Machina Volume 3
(Fact V Fiction)
Written By: Brian K Vaughan
Illustrated By: Tony Harris
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Wildstorm
Language: English
April 2006, $12.99
Genre: Comic/Graphic Novel

Mayor Mitchell Hundred makes a difficult decision about his own future, becoming part of a shocking trial complicated by the unexpected arrival of an all-new superhero. At the trial’s end, the Mayor leaves New York City for the first time since his election to embark on a strange adventure! This third volume of the critically acclaimed series reprints issues # 11-16. Written by Wizard Tp Ten creator Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man) with art by Eisner-winning artist Tony Harris (Starman), this book collects three unique storylines.


Everything lies in the end.

If you haven’t read this series, you really should. It continues to be a wonderful read. This time around there are three little mini stories. One involves a new superhero who calls himself the Automaton who says that he was created by the Great Machine. While Mayor Hundred would love to refute such a claim, he is stuck in jury duty and that has its own complications when a hostage situation arises. And finally, in the latter half of the story, Mitchell then heads to see his mother who has some revelations of her own.

While this volume wasn’t as great as the first two volumes in my opinion I still really enjoy the series. It is not a superhero comic though our hero may indeed have superpowers. As I have said before it is a bit more like the West Wing. Harris’s art continues to impress and it works well with the stories being told.

3.0 out of 4 happy bibliosnark bookmarks

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