Friday, February 27, 2015


Today we lost a legend, Mr Leonard Nimoy.  I grew up watching Star Trek and Spock was, by far, my favorite character.  Beyond that Nimoy sang one of my favorite childhood songs all about Bilbo Baggins.  He was a veteran, an advocate, an amazing actor, and one hell of a guy.  When I saw today that he had passed away at age 83 from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease I will admit I was a bit gutted.  He was an icon and let's face it I was sort of hoping that the news was wrong.  He can come back right, just like in the movies?

I will never forget the impact he made in my oh so nerdy life.  He made being a geek okay. He made Spock one of the most memorable characters in pop culture history. He also seemed like one hell of a guy. The man will be missed and it is very evident from the interwebs today.  Live Long and Prosper my friends. Mr Spock has been beamed up and he has left behind a much better world because of his existence. My thoughts are with his family and everyone he impacted and inspired. I'm going to go try to be Vulcan now.

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