Monday, August 18, 2014

This Week on Netflix: Princess Jellyfish

I have decided that each week I am going to discuss the best of the shows or movies that E and I have started to watch on Netflix. Maybe you will decide to watch it too. Because let’s face it there are some great things on Netflix, but slogging through everything can be a bit difficult. Of course I will always take your considerations if you have them because I, too, am always looking for something new to watch.

This week I bring you Princess Jellyfish or Kuragehime.

Based on the manga of the same name Tsukimi Tsukimi is shy, awkward, and obsessed with jellyfish. She lives in an apartment with several other otaku women who are all nerdy about something in particular from trains to kimonos. As NEETs, the women avoid social interactions as much as possible and above all else: the stylish. But then a stylish woman helps Tsukimi save a jellyfish (later named Clara) from a petshop, except that ‘she’ turns out to be a guy (which is even scarier than a Stylish). The two form a friendship that surprises them both and turns the little ‘nunnery’ apartment building on its head.

It’s a great little anime though incredibly short (only 11 episodes). Tsukimi is awkward, full of anxiety and self-doubt, but extremely likable. As a nerd girl myself I believe I may have turned to stone once or twice when a member of the opposite sex spoke to me in my adolescent years. Tsukimi and the other lady geeks in the building are fiercely protective of the things that they like and admittedly do not like anyone bullying them about their geeky loves. I get it. While their characters may be a bit exaggerated, I still love each and every one of them. Kuranosuke is equally likable. He has always been around stylish ladies, but finds himself drawn to the quirky little inhabitants of the building, especially Tsukimi. He doesn’t understand it, but we do. There is something incredibly relatable about Tsukimi and quite endearing. They are destined to be together…it must be so. I love Kuranosuke, not because he has a fabulous sense of style or the reasons for his cross dressing, but how down to earth he is. He doesn’t understand the hang-ups that his brother or his new set of friends have, but he doesn’t care in the end.

But this anime is not about their romance. It’s a comedy. While the relationship between Kuranosuke and Tsukimi is the main focus of the show, the big subplot involves the potential sale of the building where the ladies live and their efforts to damn the man and save the empire…their empire. It’s about the family you make, about learning to love yourself including your nerdiness, and to never give up. It’s honest. It’s funny. And I want more episodes.

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