Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a great story. It's one I grew up on, and while this is undoubtedly a decidedly sexier, darker version of the tale I think I kind of want to see it. It is directed by Catherine Hardwicke who yes did the original Twilight movie, but she also did Thirteen. Plus I love her cause she worked on Tank Girl and that is a far underrated film in my opinion, but maybe that is just me and Nic and our love for it. plus it has Gary Oldman and who doesn't love Gary Oldman...that's right only strange people hate Gary Oldman. I heart him to pieces. Looks a little Twilight to me but with a werewolf and lots of sexy sexy, but meh I would rather see it than most other films. Then again as I look at that opening weekend in March of 2011 it is going up against the Jane Eyre remake with Mia Wasikowska which also has Michael Fassbender in it and Battle: Los Angeles.

Lets hope this means there are better films out there next year then there was this year. What do you think about the film. Interested in seeing it? Do you dig Gary Oldman in purple cloaks?


redhead said...

i like the "kiddie" version of little red riding hood as much as the next person, but wasn't the original version a lot darker, and more grown up? more of an abject lesson about doing what your elders say and not talking to strangers?

and oh God, did you say Gary Oldman is in it? where can I buy a ticket??? :)

Cderosby said...

I'm guessing Mrs. D. is going to want to see this so I will see it by default. I just hope that if this truly is a werewolf movie, they do it right. I'm a Howling fan so my expectations aren't that hard to meet. Please?

Smirking Revenge said...

*redhead: Gary Oldman in purple velvet. I do like the darker aspect to it.

*Cderosby: Or it could be like Neil jordan's The Company of Wolves. Not sure what to expect, but the trailer has me intrigued. Or as my friend John said, as long as the werewolves dont sparkle I'm in.

Cderosby said...

We saw this trailer show before Deathly Hallows today. Impressive on the big screen. Did that digital enhancement of color on certain items to make the hood really pop. And of course Mr. Oldman is pretty impressive as the implied villain of the movie.